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Women Who Lead

Lesley Southwick-Trask & Jae Peacock

Women Who Lead – What Makes Women Entrepreneurs Different?

My conversation this week is with Kirsten Eastwood – a committed business woman who has successfully brought several products and services to market. Our discussion focuses on what it takes for women to make it in the entrepreneurial world. Kirsten definitely has infinite wisdom in this area – both as an entrepreneur herself, as well as the Executive Director of the Women’s Centre of York Region in Toronto Canada. Kirsten’s innovative talents and ability to create partnerships enabled her to triple her agency’s funding, giving her the leverage she needed to start-up an innovative business incubator program for low income women entrepreneurs as well as a micro finance program. Have fun this week listening to Kirsten and me as we scale the statistics associated with female entrepreneurs in association with our own experience in this life altering career choice.