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The Janet Love Show – Immortality Through DNA Enzyme Therapy with Aage Nost

Aage Nost is the author of Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking, and How to Access the Universal Consciousness: Learn How to Expand the Power of the Mind at Every Level of Existence  which is available on Amazon. In this show Aage is talking about a subject most people relegate to fantasy or science fiction but through Aage’s research has realized is a viable topic and one that correlates to consciousness.
Aage reveals concepts around immortality that are based science but emanate from our ancient ancestries understanding of the body to our modern understanding. Aage’s unique perspectives include topics on how to design your life experience the way you want it to be, before you have to live it. Undiscovered universal success principles, creation concepts, what was the big bang. What is Universal Consciousness, what is the Universal Mind, What is the Power of the Mind and so much more is covered in his this show and in his amazing new book designed to help people release outdated thinking, begin the awakening process and begin to learn how to think and perceive the world as it truly is.
Aage Nost has had a fascinating, fulfilling life and  he is now dedicated to bringing to the world the vast array of knowledge and information he has acquired through his passion to understand and what he has awakened in his own mind. Aage is an author, radio host, UFO and Paranormal researcher and speaker.