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The Roots of Health

Meredith Rhodes Carson

The Roots of Health – Kombucha 101 with Alla Shapiro and Vanessa Tortolano

Cold and flu season is here. When it’s kind of cruddy outside and we tend to be sequestered indoors and more prone to attack by the cold and flu bugs. Now is really the time to ramp up your extreme self-care to boost your immune system. There are plenty of ways to do this, you can get good rest at night, you can move around a lot during the day, going outside is very important, as is eating and drinking immune boosting foods. So in your quest to create a bomb-proof immune system, you may want to include something known as the ‘tea of immortality’. Kombucha has a few thousand-year history as a health elixer.

I reached out to Alla Shapiro and Vanessa Tortolano of NessAlla Kombucha to find out what kombucha is, its history, why would you might want to consume it, how and why you should make your own brew, and about the hubbub around its alcohol content.

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