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Lesley Southwick-Trask & Jae Peacock

Women Who Lead – Perched On The Edge

Here we are…perched on the edge of 2016. For many of us, this is a time for resolutions. What if we, Women Who Lead, were to resolve to identify and let go of all that we believe, think and feel that may have undermined us consciously and unconsciously in 2015 so as to open the space for the magic of the unexpected to enter our lives throughout 2016? My guest this week is Kari Gale, an American artist, illustrator and writer who unexpectedly discovered her incredible talent through the painful process of letting go of her marriage – an event over which she had no control. I interviewed Kari at my hostel and café (albergue) on the Portuguese Camino in the midst of her reflection. Take a listen to how one intriguing woman is opening her life to the brilliance of the unknown. My wish is that you experience her wisdom as you approach your shift into 2016.