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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Already Well

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Dr. Denee Jordan
In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares stories and insights into how to use the Laws of Universal Energy and intuition for making your best choices to live free of fear and to maximize your ability to handle challenges in our life welcomes Dr. Denee Jordan who will discuss her treatment program called “Already Well.” Dr. Jordan is a licensed Clinical psychologist, marriage and family therapist and has spent over 25 years working with a varied population including people diagnosed with schizophrenia, addictions, eating disorders, anxiety and personality disorders : clients from all walks of life, celebrities, the homeless, artists and people of all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds and shares her premise that no matter what your present circumstance, you are already well. Dr. Jordon also created the Adolescent Treatment program at the STEPS Substance Abuse Treatment Center on the west coast.
Dr. Jordan directed many programs, trainings, and workshops. Today she serves as a mental health services director of the Exceptional Children’s Foundation. She is a frequent experience source for numerous national radio and magazine broadcasts and publications and is also a sought after inspirational speaker and former professional ballet dancer. Dr. Jordan is currently performing the one-women show, “I am Already Well” in Los Angeles, California.
Sheryl offers her thoughts as a former elementary educator and Reiki Master Teacher in her book The Living Spirit I that suggests we are born with everything we need to rediscover who we are as spiritual beings having a physical life and capable of manifesting what it is that makes our heart sing.. Sheryl wrote. “Universal force only acts on the vibration of our thoughts so we must carefully clarify our needs and refine our thoughts before making requests or expending too much energy on an undesirable pursuit. First we must discover our real values and what truly brings us inner and worldly contentment before we concentrate our thoughts and efforts towards any goal. The universal energetic forces of life are there for each of us to access, but our life choices and actions, not God actually create our inner and outer experience.”
Already Well is a psychological, spiritual, and very practical approach to wellness that says that the sum total of your life, just like it is, is extraordinary and already deserves compassion and respect, regardless of the circumstances.
The Already Well Program focuses on helping you discover the ‘pearl’ of all of your experiences and building on them. When you value yourself, just like you are, without exception, you are liberated to feel the joy and success you deserve. It has been proven; when you look for what is ‘right’ in your life you become healthier and more empowered to move forward. Dr Jordan describes an autistic client who was not satisfied with being diagnosed or seen as autistic and it caused her distress to think in terms of having some dysfunction. After sessions with Dr Jordan who helped her client to see what was good and right in her life and in her goals this client went on to embrace herself as she was without seeing herself in any diminished way and wrote a book. We are never limited except by our own self-doubt and fear.
Sheryl gives a story of a client who once walked away more empowered and grateful for her life then when before her Reiki healing experience. “During the session Sheryl in the intuitive reading done in meditation described a rag doll fallen on the floor who couldn’t get up and in that moment facing her client realized it was that woman when she was a girl. The woman then explained she had been sexually abused by her father for years and Sheryl could feel her weakness and inability to get up off the ground. Sheryl told her she was not a victim but a survivor and had gone on to have a family and a career. Sheryl was so proud of her for her resilience and sad that she had experienced so much sorrow as a result of her father who had a serious illness…it was never the woman’s fault, but her father’s problem. She is the heroine of her story. The woman then responded that having someone else actually feel her experience she was able to release it.. Sheryl also suggested that it was no longer necessary to talk or think about it since it was in the past and she was in the moment of creating her best life each day of her life now.”
It is so hard for us to accept and value ourselves as we are because we are taught from the earliest days of our childhood what others expect from us and that being perfect, smart, beautiful, listening to authorities without questioning if it is right for us or not: so at an early age we begin to doubt who we really are- if we are smart enough, healthy enough, pretty enough, or worthy enough to even be alive. With this self doubt, we buy into the educational, political, social and media structures that plot out the life that they believe everyone should adhere to. Individuality, imagination, artistic creation and human values such as compassion love honor and integrity, are lost as we follow the materialistic path and “the dog eat dog mentality” of most of the population to have or get as much as we can materially while neglecting our heart based values and needs which are simply to be happy and content with life and to exhibit goodness, kindness and love which will ultimately bring back everything we need both spiritually and materially from the outside world. We need to seek the values of our soul or heart essence rather than the dictates of the outside structures which are at this time facing extreme criticism from many people who are awakening to the needs of their spiritual growth and hoping that global transformation will bring about a world community of more conscious citizens to form a healthy and cooperative world community.
The actual way for multi-dimensional healing and to try to get better in life is possible by trying to understand ourselves and how our brain or physical life works and how our mind and connection to universal energy works. By recognizing who we are as both spiritual and physical beings, we can come to understand healing in a different way or illness and sickness as a result of the mind being out of alignment to the soul’s journey and purpose in life. When we are separate or disconnected from the reality of our being, there is confusion, inappropriate behaviors, addictions, fears, limitations and a dissent into depression and dismal conditions. It is therefore by learning more about ourselves as soul or energy beings and what makes us joyful happy and healthy that we can begin to chose the places and people and experiences that we wish to participate in. sometimes this means recognizing that the advise and opinions we have received by others, while right for them, does not appear to be working for us. Getting beyond all the negative emotions of guilt, shame, blame and judgment, which keeps us in a state of believing ourselves to be less than we are or unhealthy, is the key and way out of other people’s realities. It is not in the separation from our different talents and goals and believing there is only one way to do things that get us into trouble but only when we recognize that in the unification of the sum of all our parts, we reach wholeness. In other words, we must learn about ourselves and know ourselves.
It seems as part of Sheryl’s interactions with many families as a Reiki practitioner, she is aware that many parents, known right now as helicopter parents, are so engaged in their children’s behavior, activities and every moment of their waking and sleeping lives, moving them from activity to activity without time or opportunity for reflection and the natural curiosity and awe of simply being at peace with nature and themselves that the groundwork for many future illnesses dysfunction and emotional traumas are being laid. Examples of the result of this competitive and lack of value for their children’s more sensitive development will be low self-esteem and lack of interest in many activities because they are thrown into too many activities they are uninterested in. Addictive behaviors in early life such as eating disorders, sleep disorders, early sexual experiences, and more and more mothers on antidepressants and anxiety medications are the result of the way our society is leading and encouraging parents to act in relation to their children’s upbringing.
Good behavior and bad behavior are essentially the same. Behavior is just a reaction to an event emphasizing proactive behavior which leads to more positive thoughts rather than reactive behavior which leads to more friction where greater negativity is the outcome. There is no good or bad, there is really only experience and as spiritual beings, the most important part of our life is to experience emotions, feelings of all kinds without judgment and embracing them all as we learn to be more accepting, allowing and surrendering to all circumstances rather than finding and creating negative energy that only draws more negativity to itself. As the Law of Attraction suggests, the thoughts actions and behaviors we exhibit create a pattern of energies that we live in and either draw good or bad to us. Think good thoughts, act in consciousness ways, love without expectation of receiving, and miracles and good energies will find you.
Dr. Jordan and Sheryl have discussed a wonderful new and unconventional way to look at the medical political religious and economic structures of our society and the values they project which have partially lead to a national population inundated with depression and anxiety. The foundation of Dr Jordan’s program “Already Well” suggests you take the sum total of your life and acknowledge it with respect and acceptance regardless of your current circumstances. It focuses on how essential it is to recognize and appreciate yourself exactly as you are before attempting to make things better…it emphasizes to embrace your life and those experiences which align you to your inner soul needs not necessarily the attitudes and values of the outside and well being are created from “within our own thoughts and actions” and we are the masters of our own soul… As I wrote in my book The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, “When a person becomes aware of existing energies, emotions and the motivations for their behaviors, they can then finally understand how to balance their own energy. Remember thoughts can be of the ego –mind or they can be emotions and feelings from the heart or soul. They can also be memories of a soul’s divine nature. Awareness of which aspect of our thinking is motivating us to action can help us make more conscious decisions. Observing and interacting with people who receive energy and messages intuitively from Spirit and are able to balance the energies of mind and heart are examples for us to learn how we may function at the highest level possible in a human state.
Continue to integrate the parts of your personality and inner life that bring you feelings of delight and joy and move quickly past the fears and restrictions of any challenge or event embracing it only as a tool for the personal power within that it allows you to rediscover as you grow and find new ways to live, love life, open your heart and mind to the endless possibilities for success health and well being…You are Already Well!