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Architect of Change

Connie Whitman

Architect of Change – The Art of Living Lost

Have you stood at the crossroads with no idea which route to take?

Have you ever felt lost?

If you could recreate yourself, what choices would you make?

Throughout your life, there are so many opportunities to find your joy; unfortunately, sometime it takes a traumatic experience to set the wheels of fate into motion.

Today, my guest is Jeanette Falotico.  Jeanette is a widowed mother of triplets who has been able to create a new journey for her self after the painful loss of her husband.  Her new direction inspires others to look at their lives differently and to see the Clouds from both sides – thank you Joni Mitchell!

Good things happen, bad things happen, BUT how you react, adapt, grow and live is up to you…and it’s a powerful message — that, out of great tragedy or even a bad day…JOY is still abundant.

In her BLOG The Art of Living Lost, Jeanette reveals how her experiences helped her discover her true inner strength, appreciating that the best thing about being lost is the joy you discover on the way to your destination.