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Healing From Within – UFOs with Robert Salas

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Robert Salas
In today’s episode of Healing From Within , your host Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love which shares miraculous stories of healing, spiritual communication and energy practices offers a clearer view of the Universal Laws of Energy which helps know and experience life on the physical emotional and spiritual levels to reach our full human potential. Today Sheryl welcomes Robert Salas author of Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon. Robert offers personal and extensive testimony and documentation by military officers and airmen of their eyewitness accounts of UFO occurrences, alien abductions and threats to military installations.
Robert Salas a graduate of the USAF Academy with a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering now retired from a career in the Air Force has conducted massive research and will discuss 6 decades of hair raising UFO occurrences and provide ample evidence that the government and military have maintained secrecy and distortions of this truth. His objective I believe is to understand the possibilities for achieving a more humane and cooperative world community by revealing information that could be vital for moving forward towards progress and peace and a Universal view of possibilities for looking beyond.
On March 24, l967 a UFO encounter was experienced by Robert who was a Missile Launch Officer in charge of nuclear-armed Minuteman missiles at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. Robert and others on duty watched as their missile base was shut down by a UFO. In a terrifying series of events a glowing red disk hovered over each silo of the installation and disabled the triple-redundant systems controlling each missile: Twenty four hours later technical crews were able to repair the systems and bring the missiles online. The Air Force neither investigated the incident reported it, nor admitted that it happened, and that is when Salas launched an ongoing inquiry into UFO reports most specifically as they related to the military.
At the same time, Robert became aware that a week earlier at what was known as Echo Flight on March 16, 1967 Fred Meiwald phoned in a “No Go” status to Wing Command Post and he turned to Robert and said, “The same thing happened at another flight unit. UFO’s were viewed in close proximity of both military installments.
Robert tells us the probability that this could have occurred is nearly impossible and there could not be a reasonable explanation. There are two different incidents where nuclear missiles malfunctioned and UFO ‘s were in the area…On March 24 a civilian truck driver Ken Williams observed a large dome-shaped lighted object while driving near Belt, Montana not far from Great Falls. Soon the object stopped and hovered for a moment then dropped into a ravine and landed. Williams observed it pulsated with a very bright white light. The object was also seen by Bud Nader a Montana Highway patrolman before it left at high speeds.
In later years, after over 1500 reported sightings in the Washington area General John Samford Director of Air Force Intelligence would tell their audiences that there are many forms of natural phenomenon that could cause people to see what wasn’t really there. He said that most likely people were seeing the result of the reflection of ground images due to temperature inversions…later two Harvard professors would agree and so the campaign of disinformation and denial would continue but so would UFO sightings.
Was there an official investigation of the incident? Were you briefed on the progress of this investigation? “ These were questions Robert was asked. After the incident in June 1969 Robert was transferred from Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio being told that this transfer would allow me to complete my Masters Degree and insuring he did not discuss what had happened. Upon arriving at his new location he meet an officer who he had known from the Air Force Academy and he was overly friendly suggesting there might be a special job waiting for me.. Several incidents happened…I was called for a meeting at the Psychiatrist’s office on base and when I expressed wanting to know what this was about I was dismissed…Later on reflecting on those events I realized 2 outcomes were at play here…1 A discussion about my UFO Experience at Malmstrom could have been put on my medical report and if I talked about the event while in the Air Force my career could have been compromised 2 A second outcome including the officer who tried to befriend me could have been recruiting me into the Air Force intelligence side of the UFO phenomenon. Roy Craig a man in charge had refused to look at any cases that might involve a security classification. Craig did not use Colonel Lewis Chase’s own UFO encournter while flying a training mission and refused to interview the people whose names he was given who had firsthand knowledge of the UFO sightings. There is no record of Craig interviewing these men or any of the men present during the two separate events at the Montana missile shutdowns.”
Sheryl wonders why Robert thinks there was a cover-up of these incidents. It is suggested that after WW 11 military power and influence were at their zenith and in 1945 the possibility of war with Communist Nations was of great concern. These events and concerns resulted in further solidifying the structure and influence of US intelligence agencies. One of our prized military secrets of the WW 11 was the blueprint for th atomic bomb was now available to our new enemy or world power. The Central Intelligent Agency would be established and espionage would become a front line of defense. It was during this time that the Roswell incident occurred or a sighting and crash of a UFO and while the government was aware of the so called “foofighters” appearing… they did not have a craft to study. Within days of the crash at the Foster Ranch many ranchers and residents in the area knew about the crashed disc. Colonel Blanchard wanted this discovery of a craft and living creatures not from earth announced…he tried to do the right thing… However the powers in Washington did not agree. Roswell Army Airfield was the home of the 509th Bomb Wing, the bomber group that had dropped the atomic bomb on Japan to end the war..this group evoked a sense of national pride and World War 11 established American military superiority. So the military threatened the lives of witnesses whose testimonies are documented in Witness to Roswell.
Apparently other governments have opened their secret UFO files to the public. There have been some in our country who have tried to expose the information they have about these events… Even influential members of NICAP’s board of directors Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter who had been the first director of the CIA frp, 1947-1950 after his retirement made a statement stressing the necessity of treating the UFO question openly and seriously….He said, “The Air Force has constantly misled the American public about UFO’s. I urge congressional action to reduce the danger from secrecy.. In 1962 as Congress was on the verge of opening UFO hearings, Hillenkoetter abruptly resigned and the proposed hearings came to a crashing halt.
Wilbert Smith (Canada) wrote a memo to his employer, the Department of Transport of Canada about his efforts to uncover information about investigations in reference to flying saucers..he was of the opinion that his work on geo-magnetics could be a link to saucer technology. In making discreet inquiries through the Canadian embassy staff in Washington Smith found out that the matter about UFO’s is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government ranking higher than the H-bomb and Flying saucers exist but their modus operandi is unknown. A concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Dr. Vannevar Bush at the time and all this is considered by the US authorities to be of tremendous significance.
After an incident in Peru government employees were informed by US personnel to give over any information of UFO incidents… An incident at Bentwaters Base in late 1980 in England warranted a large influx of US intelligence personnel to interrogate, intimidate and confuse witnesses in order to confuse the situation. This was probably done with the full cooperation of the British authorities.
If Robert were to speculate for what purpose do you think these extraterrestrials are visiting our planet he might report that it is believed by estimates from therapists and researchers that upward of a million people have been taken by ET. Medical procedures have been performed and it may be that some hybrid children are being produced..some have reported messages regarding future events on Earth and some children have been taught or given paranormal abilities such as telekinesis…these are real and a worldwide phenomenon The best explanation of the abduction phenomenon comes from people such as the late Dr. John Mack a Harvard University psychiatrist who helped and counseled hundreds of abductees. He says this is not a club anyone would want to belong to and the experiences described are all similar..even happening to children as young as 2 or 3 and make up every kind of person you can think of..The beings want the abductees to look into their large eyes and want to have a deeper connection with us..They don’t understand why we are so aggressive. Children report being with other abducted children and given balls to play with and are instructed to move the ball with their mind. It’s like they are being taught psychic skills.
Sheryl says “I would say they are helping us raise our levels of empathy and spiritual use of energy for a more cooperative kinder civilization in the hopes that we can move into an era of refinement and cultural awareness and advance our evolutionary process.”
Robert wrote “There are two things I know about the UFO phenomenon. One is that real objects of unearthly origin are visiting our planet. The other is that the phenomenon of people being abducted is a reality…Can you tell us one of the alien abduction stories and describe what the person was able to remember.” Robert tells us of his own experience.
Robert writes, “In 1985, I was living in Manhattan Beach California with my wife Marilyn and 2 children. I awoke one night and saw a light through the living room window…the light shifted to blue and drifted into our bedroom..I tried to get off the bed and found myself paralyzed. I felt helpless. Next I noticed a figure in our bedroom doorway and felt another figure also in the room. The figure in the doorway was dark or had on dark clothing. Next I telepathically received a message that I would be moving to the window and was lifted off my bed. On the other side of the window my memory fails me..I do recall some kind of procedure performed on me…a needle inserted into my groin. When I complained about the pain it was relieved. From what I remember and have heard from other abductees there are a variety of experiences common to this kind of event.”
Some general conclusions we can draw from researchers and testimony of witnesses are:
  •  They are able to communicate directly to our minds…telepathic communication
  •  They have the ability to control or affect the human neuro-sensory system (ex pain control paralysis)
  •  They have the ability to affect human memory of events.
  •  They understand our DNA makeup
  •  They have the ability to understand our most technical equipment and concepts. Ex nuclear weaponry)
  •  They are involved in an active genetic manipulation or hybridization program.
  1. They have the ability to fine-tune human abilities to the point of giving us some special qualities (Ex psychic abilities)
  2. They are manipulating certain abductees through some form of mind control.
  3. They want to raise the human level of consciousness to improve our species
  4. They could very well be here to “train us to qualify for inclusion in the cosmic community of “Intelligent” Life
Robert discusses the definition of Cabal: A conspiratorial group of plotters or intriguers according to The American Heritage Dictionary
A secret organizational structure , a cabal within our government that is holding the cache of UFO related information..Suppose that we form a cohesive group of people dedicated to disclosure. If working in concert and drawing the same conclusions about the phenomenon we might consider this a game between 2 people…each side has some tactics for example effective tactics might include obtaining and publicizing credible witness testimony and documents, conducting investigations of incidents, engaging the media in serious discussions rigorous review of historical records and performing scientific analyses of potential artifacts. Effective tactics for the cabal(to hide the material) might include operating a disinformation campaign, providing plausible explanations of incidents, maintaining silence on incidents, infiltrating UFO groups to disrupt or gain information, intimidating witnesses and promoting ridicule
Robert feels such a group has been established in regard to UFO events
The cabal having its origins around the time the Roswell incident in 1947 decided to lie about it establishing a need for withholding the truth of details from the public. Initial tactics included a high level of secrecy, intimidation of witnesses and to compartmentalize the information to a select few. Others may have joined the group with the sighting of flying saucer over Mt Rainier in Washington by Kenneth Arnold. Remember the fear based alien scare of 1938 with the false radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds by HG Wells Our side of the cabal wishing to confirm many reported incidents was stifled by the government which has the advantage of highly secretive maneuvers as a result of what went on during the development and delivery of the atom bomb.
The goals of this cabal originated around 1947 were to deny and discredit any information about the Roswell incident, and the Air Force installations known as Eagle and Oscar in Montana where the missiles were shut down. Further events lead to this denial of earlier events to be reevaluated. Example: In the early 1960’s, Betty and Barney Hill came forward with a very detailed alien abduction story. In March 1966 near Dexter Michigan a number of police officers and radar operators at Selfridge Air Force Base observed four UFO’s. This mass sighting led to a clamor for a government investigation of the incident. Congressman Gerald Ford called for an investigation of the entire UFO phenomenon …but this would prove to be another example of cabal tactics of deception and disinformation…Remember we already talked about the deliberate deception of the Condon Committee..a sham set up by the Air Force to officially declare an end to their investigations of UFO sightings. In 1978 a key witness Retired Air Force Major Jesse Marcel an intelligent officer at Roswell Army Air base in 1947 disclosed that what was recovered near the air base was indeed the crashed remains of an extraterrestrial craft and alien bodies. Hundreds of witnesses came forward so by 1994 the Air Force revisited the events and declared the crashed debris was a weather balloon. By now the public as a whole did not fully buy the Air Force story.
Robert Salas, being present at an event where there were actual UFO’s and the shutdown of a military installation is totally convinced there is a cover up of all these UFO events and is in favor of disclosure. While the government may have the good intention of keeping the public ignorant of these facts so they will not become frightened it is still a small group of individuals making very important decisions for the entire human population.
Why has Robert spent so much time and effort in researching all known reported events relating to UFO happenings? Maybe Robert feels that the new discoveries and concepts are kept from the public and our general scientific knowledge and this amounts to strict control of new knowledge by a small select group and this situation is ripe for corruption and certainly counter to our democratic government.
In summarizing today’s episode of the many related incidents and reports surrounding sightings of what we call Unidentified Flying Objects for lack of another name it seems logical to deduce that there is more to heaven and earth than we can ever hope to imagine…the possibilities are infinite and Robert wrote what Sheryl also believes…. “My thinking about the UFO phenomenon has evolved to where I now don’t immediately discount any story that I hear. I try to be more open to the possibility that some new story could have validity and I take time to consider it based on the totality of my own experience and research.” Sheryl says that is her sentiment exactly! Twenty years ago Sheryl was not aware of her ability to meditate and download messages from that quantum field of energy or the wisdom of other realities or practice Reiki energy healing but through miracles coincidences and synchronicity and much dedicated effort, Sheryl has met many teachers who guided her development for becoming a more empowered and authentic compassionate human being. Sheryl believes that any thought we have can become a reality if the focus and effort to be open minded and open hearted is present. If there are forces of intelligent life wishing to work with us and advance our world it would be a wonderful opportunity for helping our world to flourish and prosper…
Robert and Sheryl would hope listeners everywhere in any walk of life move past their fears and limited reality to see the Universe as an evolving source of continuous life and to value all life forms…We hope that the forces that watch over us and hope for our more refined and peaceful spiritual development will one day find that we are able to look past secrecy and denial and accept all truth always hoping for a more cooperative union between all people. That could be a new beginning and new world for All.