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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – New Year, New You! How to “Cultivate the Good Life & Record It”

New Year’s is one of my favorite times—a time of reflection, a time of new direction, a time of opportunities for change and personal growth. How can we set ourselves up for success this new year? My guest, Project Lifefounder and CEO, Becky Higgins, says we can “cultivate the good life, and record it.” Join Becky and me as we share our best strategies for creating your best life this year, and how recording life can help us evaluate, learn, grow, and experience greater joy as we go!
Also, visit my website for the tools you’ll need to make this new year your best, including my free “30-Day Personal Growth Plan” (with an option for “The Next 30 Days,” too!) and my blog post, “New Year—New You, My Top 6 Strategies for Change & Personal Growth!