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Are You Awake?

Are You Awake – Save Myself or Save the World?

The world, in its vastness, contains innumerable issues. And with today’s technology, global news sweeps our televisions, phones, computers, and radios on a 24/7 reel. We are presented with headlines of drought, terrorism, police violence, refugees in crisis, and global warming. These concerns are real and heavy, and it is important for us to do our part.

We begin to look around ourselves for queues of how to respond and what actions to take, only to see our children staring at their screens; seemingly oblivious to the state of the world that they are to inhabit. Couple that with our daily obligations, and it seems we have so many things to tend to. In light of all this, wouldn’t taking time to go inward for self be…selfish?

Go explore the world again with mindful meditation, anti-aging, and heal the soul, mind, and body.  Continue along your journey towards health, wellness, and empowerment.