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Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Change Your Life Course Now

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Dianne Bischoff James
In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, a book that offers a view of Universal Energy, it’s healing influences and how to align to this force to empower and encourage personal growth and to manifest a healthy successful life experience, welcomes Dianne Bischoff James author of The Real Brass Ring. Dianne received an international 2014 “Bronze Living Now Book Award” and is an inspiration which passionately reveals how anyone can re-invent themselves, and reclaim their authentic self.
Dianne will share her personal story of how at the age of thirty eight, a marketing professional and mother of three appeared to have the perfect life, an impressive educational background, accomplished career, busy family life and social status. It seemed she had grabbed the brass ring and hung on but as for many people reality was starkly different. Dianne decided to do something about it and her book full of motivational ideas and techniques may help you make your own transition and find the joy in rediscovering what really thrills and brings meaning to your life.
Dianne wrote, “My childhood was quite distressing. In active pursuit of my father’s financial career our family moved from state to state as he climbed the corporate ladder. I changed schools every 3 years and found it nearly impossible to develop long term attachments to friends teachers or schoolmates… My family dynamics were also less than ideal. My mother was passive and fearful and my father was an aggressive driven intellectual man who ruled with an iron fist-there was no tolerance for complaints or openness to personal expression: (ex Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about) These behaviors and issues and feelings of abandonment and lack of self-worth ballooned out of control and Dianne kept moving faster and faster toward societies valued goals: own a business, make lots of money, get married raise a family in suburbia, sign up kids for a million activities and always be the perfect mom with a peppermint colored lipstick smile.
Dianne also mentions despite an active Catholic background Catholicism was not for her as she became interested in metaphysics and intent on understanding what we are supposed to achieve as spiritual beings having a physical life. Dianne continued her pursuit with an undergraduate degree in both psychology and philosophy learning more about human behavior and historical ideologies. She practiced Transcendental Meditation and studied A Course in Miracles
Dianne mentions that in 2000 on her 38th birthday, she received the gift of a reading with renowned psychic Sonia Choquette, confirming what Dianne had always felt in her heart to be true… Sonia Choquette gave Dianne a message…. “You live with depression because nothing about your life is your own….Fix your ways or it will be too late.” While Dianne wasn’t one to make changes in her life based on the words of a psychic she decided to act and radically transform her life. Today she has added author and working actress to her resume and explored dreams of her own along with a fulfilling love life and her fun-loving blended family on the North Shore of Chicago. She hardly recognizes the person she once was. This book is the story of the remarkable midlife reboot and is the perfect inspiration for any one feeling stuck, unhappy and ready to reboot so they can move forward on the life path they originally set out to create.
Sheryl says to Dianne “I often have coincidences or connections to my guests and today I will tell you in relation to my own awakening process and how Sonia Choquette played a major role in my beginning understanding of Spirit, energy healing, the afterlife, and how we are spiritual beings having a physical life. At my first reading which was a gift given to me at a Christmas party I attended, I was told I would be going on a trip in May with another women, yoga would be an important part of my moving ahead, and I would write 3 books. Of course I didn’t think any of that was remotely possible at the time… A week later my hairdresser Anna invited me to her yoga class at Sky Gym and asked if I would go. Because I had just heard about yoga from the psychic reading I accepted without hesitation. The teacher became an important factor in my discovering energy healing and spiritual communication. I learned to relax and to understand energy and the physical body in a new way. This same teacher one day handed me a book by Sonia Choquette who offered a meditation process in the book. When I followed it just as she suggested, I closed my eyes and in my inner vision saw I was seated on a stone bench facing another stone bench. I asked my soul presence to present itself…Almost immediately in my inner vision I saw a woman with thick curly hair and a brown cloak and she sat down in front of me…I asked her name and she responded in a far away voice Helen….. Troy I was amazed and following that I had many synchronistic events and people linking me to Greece which I eventually visited. Could Helen have been a guide or a past life experience. I was only beginning in my search to understand spiritual communication the idea of an eternal soul force and knowing eventually that “Consciousness survives physical death and we are multi-dimensional beings of enormous energy and potential connected to Source or Universal Energy.”
Dianne read Shirley MacLaine’s book Dancing in the Light which suggested to Dianne as Einstein said: “Knowledge is really nothing but experiences” and Dianne decided she wanted the experience since each of us is what we are consciously aware of and by becoming aware of more you could raise your consciousness and reveal your Higher Soul Self for refinement and greater happiness in life.
The content that really rocked Dianne’s boat was found in three small pamphlets written by Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Mutual Creation and the Law of Allowing. According to these laws, human beings have come here as leading edge creators, active partners working with Source to establish a blissful, fulfilling existence. Unfortunately many people have faulty programming and look at the world from a place of “Lack” as if it were broken and needed to be fixed rather than as whole and complete.
Another book The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, suggested that only 20 percent of our life is run by our conscious mind. The remaining 80 percent is navigated by our unconscious mind our child brain and this part is primitive, reactionary and totally irrational however the subconscious mind is millions of times more powerful than the conscious mind. The unconscious mind is programmed from youth and knows fight or flight, pleasure or pain, based on early childhood experiences with joy drama or trauma. Every wounding, painful experience in childhood becomes a pattern that influences who we become as an adult.
Sheryl mentions she likes what Dianne wrote about Nassim Haramein who is a modern day physicist known for his unified field theory. In “The Power of Spin.” he presents groundbreaking evidence proving we are all part of one Cosmic Source.
Sheryl Says, in The Living Spirit, which offers a view of Universal Energy Spiritual Communication and proof of Consciousness surviving physical death, she believes that we are all part of one Cosmic Force. Sheryl wrote, “ There is a pattern and meaning to all things in Heaven and on Earth and for each human, there are people and events designed to guide us to face fears and negative thoughts so we can fully realize our most loving selves or the Divine spark of God within. This is what metaphysical people mean when they say that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”….Religious leaders may offer their own interpretations and feelings and we have the choice to follow religious dogma or a different path. Either way it is up to the individual to find his or her own truth and communication with Spirit. The Divine Force or Oneness of Being is in us, around us for us, loves us and hopes our love for Universal Source will help us achieve a more successful human.”
Dianne in her personal quest for truth and growth attended The Hoffman Institute and discovered much about herself and how she had come to this uncomfortable time in her life. Dianne writes “I reviewed the details regarding how my childhood had shaped my adult life. I was the byproduct of both my mother’s and father’s imprinting…part of me had an angry rage-aholic work persona and another part of me had a vacuous mother, desolate and overwhelmed by caring for everyone else’s needs but never my own. According to Bob Hoffman, “ All children want love and attention from their parents. Children believe implicitly that Mom and Dad make correct decisions and know what they are doing at all times. For a child imitating a parent’s behaviors, moods and attitudes—literally becoming like them –often seems the only way to earn a parent’s love and attention. When a child takes on his or her parent’s negativities in an attempt to be lovable to the parents, he or she becomes a victim of the Negative Love System.”
Sheryl wonders what some of the techniques Dianne learned to use to remove any negative patterns that were restricting finding her true and authentic self. Dianne says that using a complex mix of profound techniques including visualization, meditation, cathartic journaling Gestalt, group therapy and some Eastern mysticism, the process boiled down for her a life time of therapy into just 8 days and surgically removed unwanted negative patterns.
Dianne discovered after reading Geneen Roth’s book When Food Is Love, that self-awareness and honoring our experiences within is really the way to control any obsession or addictive behaviors. The author wrote…”Diets and food plans enable adults to remain children, victims of oppressive familial and cultural systems in which they spend their lives punishing themselves for not being good enough… The real reasons they feel they can’t eat what they want are if they begin to be kind to themselves around food, if they actually let themselves have what they want then their fathers mothers teachers lovers everyone who treated them with mistrust, anyone by whom they were violated or abused, everyone about whom they have an investment in not recognizing the truth will have been wrong. In discovering that they are worth being kind to, worth living with, worth having compassion and abundance, they unfold softly into their journey of self-discovery that changes their lives forever.
Dianne mentions she became very competent at manifesting yourself but wondered how Telepathic Paging could increase one’s success in attracting people and situations that were good for you. In Lynne McTaggart’s book The Intention Experiment she cites scientific experiments illustrating the power of direct mental influence. ( In 2005 researchers at Bastyr University and University of Washington gathered 30 couples with strong emotional and psychological connections and a great deal of experience in meditation. The pairs were split up and placed in rooms away from each other. The study demonstrated that the brain-wave response of the sender to the visual stimuli is mirrored in the receiver and that the stimulus in the receiver actually sees the same image as the sender. Therefore when one person is sending a direct focused intention to another person our brains become entrained. Our combined thoughts, words, and intentions travel like waves across a lattice-like web touching and connecting to those with whom we’ve had contact. That is why when you simply think of someone they typically respond back to you directly.
Dianne has a chapter entitled Lessons from the Departed (and Returned). Story of Mellen-Thomas Benedict Near Death Experience Through the Light and Back. He described the Light he encountered and the higher Self matrix as a grid around the planet where all the higher Selves are connected In summary he explained that we are all bound together in a web of connectivity uniting us in a holographic cosmos. There is no beginning and no end, simply an ever expanding now. There are only 2 aspects to life degeneration and generation. And death is merely a shift from one state to another Ultimately there is no judgment in the Universe except during the Life Review a critical part of the death process in which we experience how we made others feel during our lives the good and the bad. Any personal redemption we hope to achieve comes from within through self. Remember this and never forget it: you save, redeem and heal yourself.
Sheryl wonders what the real brass ring is to Dianne. Dianne tells us “The real brass ring is learning who you are and how to manifest and create the life you came here to live and to achieve the goals your soul set out to discover through positive thoughts and by following a stream of non-resistance. Some good short cuts to happy living are Rule 1 It’s all good Rule 2 What you think about you bring about Rule 3 Leverage your Alignment Connect your spirit or soul with your earthly counterpart Rule 4 Use Your Emotional Radar Detector.(Move away from anything that feels bad, Pay attention to warning signs from negative emotions.) Rule 5 Manage Your Wave-create harmony and synergy by focusing on the positive aspects of the wave. Rule 6 Tend to Yourself First –Take responsibility for your words and actions Rule 7 Focus on Receiving Sit back and let the Universe deliver what you want Rule 8 Choose the Ending to Your Story Rule 9 Manage Your Circle Rule 10 Feeling Good is the Mecca. The real brass ring is our world filled with endless possibilities!!!!
Dianne and Sheryl have discovered that a medium Sonja Choquette the author of many books shared an important message with Dianne that opened her mind and heart to remember their original soul contract made in Spirit before they were born and to remember our reason for being alive and in doing so help us remember what it was in childhood that delighted and stimulated her heart impulses and her love of a result Diane went on to change her career involve herself in many new activities meeting wonderful people and finally moving out of a comfortable but not totally fulfilling marriage and love relationship to explore her ever growing need to feel her emotions and express with boldness and authenticity the quality of her inner soul life..changing all aspects of her existence.
Dianne shares a wonderful comment from Gregg Braden author of the Divine Matrix It says..” For every piece of ourselves that we’ve given away to be where we are in life today, there’s an emptiness that’s left behind, waiting to be filled. We’re constantly searching for whatever it is that fills our particular void. When we find someone who has the very things we’ve given away it feels good to be near him or her. The person’s complementary essence fills our inner void and makes us feel whole again…When we find our missing pieces in others we’ll be powerfully and irresistibly drawn to them. We may even believe that we need them in our lives until we remember that what we’re so attracted to in them is something that we still have within us…it’s simply sleeping.
Dianne and Sheryl would have you stretch your arms upward and take a deep breath awaken to the possibilities of your own innate and divine soul talents and rid yourself of fear restrictions and limitations to begin to live life as you dreamed it could be and remember as eternal energy beings we are powerful and limitless.