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The Janet Love Show – Raw Fusion Living with Dr. L.J. Rose

Raw Fusion Living with Dr. L.J’s Natural Wellness offers listeners in this interview proven ways to improve health and well being by adding more plant- based living foods to create a healthy lifestyle that is easy, affordable and maintainable. It is a dynamic “food as medicine” approach that helps people naturally lose pounds, maintain a healthy weight, boost energy, sharpen mental clarity, rejuvenate the mind and body and tap into the highest living potential!
Dr. L.J. Rose revels her own journey and story of how Raw Fusion Living  helped her heal from chronic fatigue and other modern day maladies. Her conditions pricked her to discover a genuine, authentic solution to health problems that was coupled with a mind/body approach.
Dr. L.J. Rose recognized that without the mind and body connection incorporated, even including healthy cooking, eating and buying organic food was not enough to create a lifestyle free of modern health problems. She began experimenting and learning all about raw foods, food techniques, health, wellness and the power of the mind using hypnotherapy practices.She eventually incorporated and combined her passion for healthy raw foods with hypnotherapy and Dr. L.J’s Natural Wellness was born.
Dr. L.J’s Natural Wellness online website offers a vast array of healthy free raw fusion recipes, detoxification, weight loss, cooking classes, coaching services and online accredited programs for health coaching as well accredited programs in hypnotherapy and raw fusion living coaching programs.  For anyone interested in a new healthy lifestyle for the New Year Dr. L.J’s Natural Wellness offers affordable programs for individuals ready to change their lives and for anyone wanting a new profession in the booming health and wellness field Dr. L.J’s Natural Wellness offers not only an affordable opportunity but one rich in its foundations on nutrition and the mind/body connections. If you are looking for a new life, needing to add additional education credentials in nutritional counseling look no further check out Dr. L.J’s Natural Wellness!
Dr. L.J’s Natural Wellness website offers her online training programs, her book, Raw Fusion Living, Recipes for Healthy Eating Natural Weight Loss and Anti-Aging and a variety of free Workshops, raw fusion nutrition classes, free videos and tools to ignite your resolutions! Dr. L. J. Rose is a Huffington Post contributor, best selling author, nutrition expert widely seen on all major television programs on health and nutrition! She has over 25 years of experience in Hypnotherapy and subconscious dynamics and revealed in her book, Raw Fusion Living how to overcome health challenges successfully by re-programming habits and creating a new eating lifestyle through an easy to follow program.Join Dr. Rose on her journey to create healthy living!