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Lynn Torre, CFP

Mind-Money Connection – The Magic of Myofascial Release

Do you know what fascia is?  It is present throughout our body, yet we know very little about it, if anything.

Here’s a tip, it holds everything in our body in place!

My guest, Jaja Svoboda, describes herself as a Stretchologist.  Her skill set includes Thai Massage and advanced training in Myofascial Release.

How does this relate to money?  I had previously thought that our emotions and beliefs were embedded in our cells.  I now know that they are stored in the fascia which encases our cells.  To access the very deeply engrained money emotions and beliefs, Myofascial Release has proven to be very effective.

Jaja believes –“Healing is not an event, healing is a journey.  And it starts with the courage to face what we are afraid to see inside ourselves.”

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