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Ready For College?

Dr. Bob Neuman and Jude Neuman

Ready For College? – Answers to Parent’s Frequently-Asked Questions

For years, Dr. Bob has spoken at Freshmen Orientation Programs and talked to parents during Admissions Programs. And on these occasions, parents have lots of questions. College is, after all, a big expense, plus parents want to be clear about the ins and outs of college. Today, he chooses from his list of most-often asked questions. Here are just a few:

  • What if students have not decided on a major? What should he/she do?
  • Can a student take more than one major?
  • What if the student is living at home — especially for 2-year colleges
  • Is this campus safe?
  • What if there’s a roommate problem?
  • What if a student gets sick — long-term?
  • Can a student take summer courses at another college and transfer credits?
  • What about foreign study programs?
  • What about advanced placement courses?
  • Is it okay for students to work part-time during the school year?
  • What happens when a student needs medical care?
  • Do parents get copies of final grades?

These and more questions will be answered. Listen in to this Ready for College? discussion. You’ll learn a lot in under an hour.