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Women Who Lead – The Fearless Journey of a Successful Start-Up – Melanie Love

Melanie Love left her prestigious, top paying position as an international oil and gas analyst in Canada’s largest independent brokerage to start up Front Room (morefrontroom.com), “a Canadian made clothing line for your girlfriends with big boobs. “Armed with her experience as a frustrated customer and her knack for numbers, Melanie took her education (economics graduate & Certified Financial Analyst) along with her experience in the financial sector and jumped fully into the treacherous world of start-ups. What actually equipped her; however, was her innate passion, skill and vast experience in learning. A self acclaimed junkie in acquiring a wide array of eclectic skills and experiences – from Peruvian Inca shamanism to financial derivatives – Melanie put everything she had into learning about something she had no idea about – the fashion industry. Listen to this week’s program as this intrepid entrepreneur walks us through her start-up – the pain and the gains. No matter what business you are in, Melanie has a great deal to offer in terms of what and what not to do as a start-up entrepreneur.