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Architect of Change

Connie Whitman

Architect of Change – What Do Our Dreams Mean?

Are your dreams vivid or vague?  Do you remember the details or just a feeling that sticks with you from the dream when you wake up?

We’ve heard that everyone dreams – is that true?  And would remembering a dream, be of interest to the awake you?

Today, your host Connie Whitman, will speak with John Pellegrino, who is gifted in the interpretation of dreams, is going to share his insight to the magical experience of dreaming and help us decode some messages in our dreams.

Defining what Dreams mean can vary with individuals, because we all have a unique reference point.  Perspectives are influenced by background, culture, environment, desires, weaknesses, strengths, and context. John subscribes to the thought that the only one, who may have the best insight for interpretation, is you.  It’s your dream.

Put on your nightcaps but don’t go to sleep as we explore this intriguing subconscious conversation with ourselves.

To Reach John:  352-316-7916