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Are You Awake?

Are You Awake – Shame In. Blame Out. Part 1

Have you been told many times, “Stop saying ‘sorry’. You say it too much.”? While walking, are you a person who looks down to their feet and the ground? Do you have poor posture? If you are answering “yes” to these, you may be showing symptoms of shame.

We are learning through this show that ALL parts of us are connected. If we experience something in the mind, it will manifest itself in our bodies, our spirit, and our actions. Shame, of course, is not exempt, and sometimes our shame contorts itself to actions of blame.

Dr. Guldal goes in-depth on why we experience shame and blame, and how these two show themselves. “Shame In. Blame Out.” will be a multiple episode series; so please tune in next week for Part 2.

Go explore the world again with mindful meditation, anti-aging, and heal the soul, mind, and body.  Continue along your journey towards health, wellness, and empowerment.