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Conversations About Divorce

Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – How to tell others about your divorce with guest Karen McMahon

It’s the start of a new year, the Holidays are over and many people will move ahead with filing for divorce. People who decided to end their marriage in the fall often hold off taking any action because they don’t want to spoil the Holidays.
But now, one of you may be moving out, you might be getting your house ready for sale, and you may have stopped going to social events together. That means it’s hard to keep the truth about your marriage secret any longer. Other people are going to start noticing the changes that are happening in your life. You’re going to be forced to tell friends and family what’s really going on.
So how do you do that? When is the time right? Are there some people you should tell before others? And how much detail do you share?
Joining Mandy to discuss these questions and more is New York based divorce coach, Karen McMahon.
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