Health and Wellness

Eating Well And Staying Healthy

Jill Skeem

Eating Well and Staying Healthy – Exercise: the Recipe for a Healthy Life!

Gilly Funk, a personal trainer, will discuss:
     A. How to get started on an exercise program;
     B. Know your “WHY” before starting?
     C. What NOT to do when starting out.
     D. Tips to get your kids moving.
     E. How to measure your progress?
     F. Throw the scale out!
     G. How to achieve an active and healthy life!
Gilly Funk’s bio: Gilly attended Utah State on an athletic scholarship for volleyball. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health Education, is a member of the Strength & Conditioning Association and has been a personal trainer for 10 years. She just opened her own fitness center, Studio G, in Twin Falls, ID. Her email is