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Are You Awake – Shame In. Blame Out. Part 2: Billie’s Story

In this week’s continuation of “Shame In. Blame Out.”, we have a special surprise! Serendipitously, one of Dr. Guldal’s former clients makes a surprise visit right as recording was about to start. Billie was one of Dr. Guldal’s earliest patients, and was suffering from the roughest case of shame that Dr. Guldal had witnessed up to that point.

Listen to hear a true and personal story about what it is like to live with shame. Hear some of the not so obvious ways shame enters a person’s psyche, and the ways in which therapy can transform a life and impact future generations. This is a truly beautiful episode you don’t want to miss.

Go explore the world again with mindful meditation, anti-aging, and heal the soul, mind, and body.  Continue along your journey towards health, wellness, and empowerment.