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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – Mom Mental Health Crisis! How to Cope, Heal, & (Eventually) Use it for Good

“I just don’t feel like myself;” “I’m afraid of everything;” “I think I’m going crazy!” These are a just a few of the things you might hear in your mind when facing a maternal mental health crisis, like depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, or even, at the extreme, psychosis. Maternal mental health is complex and can change at a moment’s notice, especially in vulnerable times like major life stress, grief, pregnancy, childbirth, or perimenopause. Today we’re tackling this important but often neglected topic of how to safely navigate a mom mental health crisis. My guest, mental health advocate and author of A Mother’s Climb Out of Darkness, Jennifer Moyer, is sharing her personal and professional experiences of how to not only overcome a crisis (which, for her, was postpartum psychosis), but how to “become, and flourish” as a result. We’re talking about using our life trials to become self-advocates and forces for good in our homes, communities, and world. For more information on The Skills of Overcoming Mental Health Challenges, or on Mom Mental Health, please visit my website.