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Lesley Southwick-Trask & Jae Peacock

Women Who Lead – The Colour of Leadership– Catherine Shovlin

Have you ever wondered why certain colours stimulate your sense of trust while others make you want to run in the opposite direction? Research into colour psychology tells us a great deal about how colour affects us, especially as leaders wishing to engage and influence others. This is one of the innovative tools used by my guest this week, Catherine Shovlin, a behavioural researcher and author of Your True Colors (available on Amazon). She is a senior strategist whose work focuses on helping people to “change their logic” when it comes to optimizing their engagement and participation in projects.  Listen in as Catherine takes us from southeast London to a Syrian refugee camp in her effort to help people connect and enrich their environments and their collective experience. You can find out more about Catherine Shovlin on her website (www.changingthelogic.com) as well as www.artmongersaction.org and www.Boldvision.org.uk.