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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – Top Parenting Secrets from Tried & Tested Moms of Many

Parenting is tough, whether you have one child or several. “What’s the secret to finding the right family routine?” “What about discipline, allowance, and teaching responsibility?” “How do I juggle it all and still find time for myself?” I’ve gathered four of my favorite mom “tribe” members and mentors together for this episode, packed with real, “let’s get down to it” advice on parenting and motherhood. Join Nancy (mom of 6; grandma of 6), Jen (Mom of 8, grandma of 1), Stacie (mom of 7), Becky (mom of 6) and me (mom of 6) as we dish about the challenges and benefits of raising a large family and what we’ve learned along the way. Whether you’re just starting out or a well-seasoned mom, there’s advice for one and all as we explore parent-child, sibling and marital relationships, how to handle the everyday struggles of raising kids, and our best strategies for growing ourselves as we help our children grow. So put your feet up and join us! And be sure to visit my website for more tools and tips, including this post on Mom Mental Health: How to Get Alone Time (25+ Strategies).