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Queer & Dear – What does it mean to be part of Little Gay Books matchmaking database?

Today we’re discussing what it means to be in the Little Gay Book matchmaking database. Shelley Simpson who was a screened member of Little Gay Book shares about her personal experience and process of getting involved. Shelley is now partnered and responsible for social media and marketing at LGB matchmaking. We discuss the differences between being a free member and a screened member. Shelley shares her experience of going on a date through LGB matchmaking. She also offers suggestions and tips for folks considering hiring a matchmaker or at the very least submitting a free confidential profile. For those folks who are on the fence about completing a confidential profile, you’ll definitely want to tune into this show to get a better understanding on what it means to be in the Little Gay Book database.
If you’re interested in contacting Shelley Simpson directly for marketing and social media needs please do so by visiting her website If you’re interested in learning more about matchmaking by Little Gay Book, LLC or coaching with Dr. Frankie please visit or find us on Twitter and Facebook.