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The Janet Love Show – Love Human by Author Betsy Thompson

Love Human offers guidance regarding how to find comfort in a world where uncomfortable things happen. And it doesn’t matter where those uncomfortable things are happening because the process of turning things around – and finding new possibilities – is the same regardless of the circumstances.

The message in LoveHuman helps us to embrace this world as it is—and the people around us as they are—and love whatever that is. Not because it’s a perfect world, but because as we love and accept life as it is, love and acceptance grow.

Love Human Answers:

  • Who Am I?
  • How Do I Find More Comfort?
  • Are Judgments Helpful?
  • Is Perfect Healthy Possible?
  • Is Fear Irrational?
  • Is World Peace Possible?
  • Why Do Nighttime Dreams Exist?

Discover your authentic selves, and to let the chips fall where they may. For many years, Betsy ignored her gift. Not until she was almost homeless did she say a prayer one evening that she was ready to share this gift but she sure needed a job to support her while she did. Three weeks later, her life turned around and she got a job in the entertainment business that allowed her to retire 18 years later and write full time. She certainly doesn’t recommend becoming almost homeless in order to wake up, but it certainly worked for her.

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