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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Expanding Consciousness Reveals How to Live with Joy

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Dr. Richard House
In today’s episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit , a book which shares a look at Universal Energy, Healing, Spiritual Communication offering suggestions for accommodating your awakening process realizing your human and divine potential. Sheryl welcomes Dr. Richard House, author of Between Now and When who shares his remarkable mystical adventures from childhood, his addiction as an adult, a near death experience in his thirties where he discovered a world of unseen dimensions that propelled him on a pilgrimage around the world.
As we discuss Dr. House on a tour of the world of the “Unseen” and “Seen” worlds and the wonders he encountered as his expanding consciousness revealed the metaphysical foundation of the visible world and the Universal Energy matrix that gives rationality to earthly life. We will discuss human suffering and why it is an important element of life on earth. Dr. House has been practicing medicine for more than 40 years first as an otolaryngologist and then for the past 10 years as a medical acupuncturist utilizing the chakras for energetic healing.
Richard is asked by Sheryl to think back to his childhood and he remembers an incident or experience that may have shown his values, instincts, interests and goals for his future development and life path and says, “Who am I was the question I began to ask as early as when I was 7 years old…there was only the barest inkling of the unusual nature of my life to follow…True I did have visions of things that had nothing to do with the earth or normalcy but I had no way of knowing then that such things were rare or weird. I remember the smell of diesel fuel as I trudged along the rows of orange trees with my father. Dad was not exactly my buddy when growing up. He was an accomplished dentist who took over Grandpa’s dental practice. One hot summer day standing outside the renovated horse barn which was my father’s office I had a sudden awareness a bolt from a different dimension that infused me with an awareness of purest identity…”I am.” Pushing past 7 year old Richard to this thing of perfection that is me, my true identity, Ichen…that is the self of me. Years later while sitting in my attic room and drawing a picture of Fluffy our housecat I suddenly notice an image of chain and cross in the picture that I had not consciously intended and heard a voiced message come into my head: You will die at age 33.” Thankfully, Richard was able to disregard that scary thought and use his intelligent mind to create other possibilities.
Richard had an internship at LA County Hospital and it fueled his desires to learn more about the human condition beyond the human body. Richard writes, “All medical students experience an initiation into the grossness of human anatomy. The experience needs to be unpleasant as one’s own comfort zone is sacrificed to higher purpose. This is an apt summary of what transpires throughout the course of 4 years expansion of self…” Actually this is what happens on a spiritual journey or continuous soul development: comfort is often sacrificed so that higher awareness and a greater sense of the fullness of life and beyond can be felt honored and allowed to thrive.
Sheryl says this may also be the journey of the soul to remember their divine origins and attune to that higher vibration of love in order to know human feelings suffering loss and pain and to go above that to connect to the higher parts of Self…Sheryl remembers when she chose to do hospice volunteer work and writes, “I found the smells and sadness of the families challenging, but maintained my aura of good will, acceptance, allowing the process, and ultimately knowing since “Consciousness survives physical death” and we do have a life plan inspired by a higher force of being, nothing is bad or good, only an experience to remember our true essence.”
“Between Now and When” is about the infrastructure of the creation—aka the Universe, the whole ball of wax: metaphysics as it were…It is about the three general types of energy manifest in it: the causal the subtle and visible. The highest most powerful energy is causal, or mental, derived from the mental dimension that is actually a world in itself, the seat of the Archangels. The dream of life filters down into the world through causal vectors called Universal Sanskaras which are the imprints left on the subconscious mind by experience in this or previous lives which then color all of one’s nature responses states of mind and so on. These Sanskaras descend to the next level of manifestation: the subtle world of energy, also a dimensional world ruled by a host of angels and acquire various gradations of density to order up all that occurs in the visible creation or the world of dense energy and the blueprint that orders all physical events. Most people are only conscious of the visible world but there does come a time when every soul begins to experience the higher dimensions. That spiritual quest that eventually brings the soul to God’s doorstep, the threshold of union… This book is Richard’s journey to inner self-awareness and to the voice that orchestrates and guides our lives.
Richard tells us that what he heard when he was 7 years old that predicted his death at 33 years old came to pass. After this Near Death Experience he decided to travel around the world, leave the practice of medicine and his family behind. After his divorce from Catherine, he saw Dr. Frank Kline, a psychiatrist trying to discover why Richard was immobilized by bouts of sadness. Richard writes “Sigmund Freud developed a set of fairly workable theories about the subconscious—a hidden valley of emotional determinants that can lead to surprising dysfunction in day to day life: distant dad, overprotective mom, sexual urges that titillate and overpower reason—these all swim in the sea of the subconscious waiting to explode into painful manifestation when one least expects it. The basic premise of Freudian analysis is that identifying these subconscious imprints will extinguish their power in a blaze of light. You began to wonder How many of us are there…I wonder—the walking wounded of L.A.”
Sheryl says , “I think it fair to say we are as souls who have had many life experiences brought to this life to refine certain aspects of our thinking and our relationships so we may arrive at a higher level of self discovery and return to our natural state of being which is joy and happiness.” In Sheryl’s book The Living Spirit she wrote, “We all can walk in the world of Spirit and at the same time have a foot touching the ground of this world. This can be done by recognizing the gifts and blessings of life itself and your life in particular. All great masters—St. Francis of Assisi, Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and others have learned to quiet the drives and cravings of the physical body long enough to free the mind. In doing so, they were able to awaken to inner peace and to the messages being given to them from Spirit. Through this connection, they learned how to improve the quality of their daily lives, as well as engage others with empathy, love compassion and kindness…”
This is perhaps how we may, as damaged citizens of the Cosmos, find our way forward to greater health prosperity and love.
But it was much different for Richard after his near death experience and his divorce from Slim, his second wife who he had a daughter Megan with. Richard faced the betrayal and sadness of losing his home and wife but was able to embrace peace and love before leaving on his own journey of tremendous personal growth. “I found out my wife had fallen in love when I was sick in the hospital and expected to die. When I survived they tried to stop their involvement and at first I was overcome with grief betrayal jealousy anger sadness but soon after discovered that all that was gone and that we are all part of something larger and grander and I could only feel love for Slim and Gabe, wish them well, help them and hope they would be happy. They eventually married as no doubt was part of God’s plan all along.”
Richard wrote…. “One Saturday after I had decided to leave my practice and travel, I am strolling along the sidewalk when the world shifts once again, the crisp sound of breeze-tousled leaves, , the sweet smell of newly mown grass bring an inner peace that is solicitous. It feels like God’s embrace. Everywhere I see beauty. Everything I feel is good. There are to my astonishment, no worries at all. None. I can think about sources of worry—finances, , legal issues, lost love—but they don’t inspire the least bit of worry: worry doesn’t exist in this exquisite world that has opened its arms to me. I stop walking and simply stand in quiet appreciation of the beautiful wonderland that I never dreamed could possibly be.”
Richard mentions a captain who is guiding him and encouraging him to move forward and in a quiet moment discovers the captain is Meher Baba an avatar and master spiritual teacher who traveled all over the world but his home was near Poona (Pune) India. Richard says the Captain for him is Meher Baba who is orchestrating his journey…Sheryl thought Universal Spirit or any other name we use for the Divine was the captain, but it seems Meher Baba the avatar or Christ Consciousness said he came to Earth to awaken mankind although he was actually always silent. He used gestures to communicate..and promised that when he broke his silence the new age would dawn. He dropped his body in 1969 but according to Richard is directing him in his travels. Baba established 3 primary centers for his work One at Ahmadnagar, India, Woombye near Brisbane and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina…
Richard writes, “My first and only spiritual teacher was Joel Goldsmith who was devoted to meditative healing as well as teaching the art of meditation. Joel’s books and seminars discovered the subtle dimension beyond ordinary perception, gained entry into it and was able to harness the healing power that comes from it. Raised in the Christian faith, Joel attributed his healings to the attainment of the Christ Consciousness and called his program of instruction—The Infinite Way…” Sheryl says “As an intuitive healer/medium I have been privileged to enter that dimension which is not a religious zone but for every living person and there is no religion there only Energy…. In my book “The Living Spirit Answers for Healing and Infinite Love,” I address what Joel discovered in reference to the Christ Consciousness and wrote…..”Loving all of humanity is made even more difficult by the man-made inventions that seek to separate us. While we can be separated by political or socioeconomic differences, there has been no more divisive an issue than religion. Please do not take this as a disparagement of religious beliefs. Only when we use our beliefs to exclude others then we may be ignoring the central message of God and his messengers: that we are all connected to Universal Energy and to each other.” We would hope we would all seek the more humane and divine aspects of ourselves and move away from all fear and separation to love.
Richard learned about the concept of Five Perfect Masters who are always present on earth serving as direct agents of God’s will—a fact that has gone unrecognized in Western Culture.
The Three Wise Men of biblical lore were in fact Perfect Masters, giving their spiritual gifts to the Christ child. Perfect Masters may be described as souls that have experienced the complete journey of evolution of form from the gaseous states to fully evolved humans. Then having achieved perfection throughout countless lifetimes on earth and having traversed the final pathway to God on the subtle and mental planes of the spiritual path, they are united with external existence. Instead of remaining absorbed in everlasting divine bliss, they reestablish consciousness connection with physical forms and their own bodies to serve as man-God on earth… Sai Bab was one, Upasni was another. One of the most difficult metaphysical concepts for most people to accommodate is that Perfect Masters—and the Avatar are each the center of the Universe. Throughout all ages these special souls who are one with God have reported seeing the Universe emanate from their own being. These matters are beyond mind and don’t apply to logic yet there are those who have felt these intense connections to the point of creation either through their connection to one of these Perfect Masters and through their unprecedented devotion to the Divine.
Richard wrote this amazing story… “As I drift into centered calmness my daily meditation brings solace and quiet joy…my reverie is suddenly interrupted by a vision behind closed eyelids. I see Jesus the Christ standing on a knoll, long hair and pure white robe gently blowing in a breeze. His eyes are looking directly at me. I sense his love and great compassion—palpable forces that bind God and man together even as suffering is borne. It is His love that I feel and His majesty that I perceive….The strange part is my lack of connection to Jesus and Christian thought in spite of this direct experience. I can perceive no relevance to my life on Earth or to any possible mission that I might have. This surprising realization dispels any notions that I have about being somehow involved in established religion. It gives me the sense that new frontiers are waiting to be discovered beyond what Jesus brought to Earth.”
Sheryl thinks that what Richard has observed in this miraculous vision or visit from Jesus is like all truth and beauty or perhaps it is a connection to eternal life and to the glory of creation and continuance that Jesus represents for those who deem themselves to be spiritual not necessarily religious but aware of the Christ Consciousness or the messages of humanity and dignity brought to us from Spirit by many messengers since the beginning of time, which may not be religious scripture, but a truth of our nature as soul beings connected to a Divine and Universal force of love goodness and compassion that transcends though mind and body and resides in the eternal nature of love. Maybe beyond the labels and names we assign to our religious concerns and differences there is a similarity that is greater and a Oneness of truth where we can all find that state of contentment and well being without opinion or a need to be right or wrong…As the poet Rumi wrote.. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”
Richard appears to be rather healthy since those beginnings days when he almost died from alcohol. He does organic gardening, bee keeping and goats and has a fulltime acupuncture practice and writes books. This is part of his plan of wellness along with meditation, yoga, and following his heart connection to higher source and love.. A good way Sheryl believes to find peace and the true reason for our physical lives are through cooperation, unity, community and oneness without greed. Eliminating worry and stress is a good part of your life plan for success on so many levels.
Richard writes, “As for me after the many places I traveled I’ve been practicing the healing arts, doing chakra work through acupuncture for the past 24 years and live on a small farm with goats and honey bees. In the meantime I hope that my story leaves you with 2 thoughts: that there is more going on than meets the eye, and the second is that it all has purpose, the difficult Earthly life of Ours, and it is all based on love…”
Richard’s story of his beginning awareness at seven years old that a power or energy surrounded him with wisdom and protection and through his studies to become a doctor and a man to serve humanity and after he had a near death experience at 33 years old, recovered from a condition that was deemed terminal he finally was able to begin a life free of free worry and compromise to find happiness through meditation healing and the knowledge that we are more than we appear to be and life with all its challenges is a gift to be valued and experienced. Richard wrote this in regard to his near death experience… “From high up, I look down at myself, somehow all puffed up and soggy with ascites, fluid in the belly that shouldn’t be there. Yellow? My God, I am yellow, but not at all sad. No tears, no sir. In fact I feel light and blissful with thoughts that are like birds in flight, gliding here and there in graceful swoops and turns. I love this! I’m flying at last….. How warm and beautiful I am this Ichen, the soul of my boyhood remembrances. This is me, full of grace and full of bliss: fullness is my wonderful state and then words form in my mind. You will heal and work for Isa. Oh yes, I know this after all and always have known. I am bathed in bliss. I am love with wings.”
Richard and Sheryl would have you discover the essence and beauty of your own being and find the way past fear and limitation to explore the beauty of this world, yourself, and others and know that the beautiful place in dreams where love and life are eternal may in fact be the reality and this physical world a stepping stone to find the path that leads there.