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Women Who Lead – Generational Quicksand – Dr. Jessica Kriegel

Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomer are generational labels, each of which brings specific characteristics to mind. They are indeed stereotypes used by organizational leaders, product developers, and marketing gurus to create products. employment strategies, marketing pitches and so much more. But are they accurate, or even appropriate for determining such critical features associated with organizational success?  My guest this week, Dr. Jessica Kriegel, not only says “no”; but tells it like her research says it, in her Forbes magazine article, Millennial Stereotyping Is Hurting Corporate America. While her focus in this commentary refers to the newest generation found in the workplace, Dr. Kriegel’s book, “Unfairly Labeled”, available on Amazon and coming out at the end of this month, provides extensive evidence on the dangers associated with generational stereotypes across all age groups. Join me for this week’s program in which Jessica and I explore how we, as leaders, undermine ourselves with the all-too-common practice of type casting people by the year they were born.