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Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – How To Work With Your Child’s School Through Your Divorce – With guest Dr. Leah Klungness

Your child’s school is a major part of their life and teachers are key players in your child’s well-being. This makes it critically important that you work with your child’s school through your divorce. There’s a fine balance though between providing essential details and too much information.
Joining Mandy in this episode of Conversations About Divorce is single-parenting expert Dr. Leah Klungess. Listen in as Mandy and Dr Leah discuss:
  • when to let your child’s teachers know you’re getting divorced
  • who needs to know and what do they need to know
  • the difference between classroom communications and school communications
  • why your child’s school isn’t responsible for knowing your parenting schedule
Leah Klungness more widely known as Dr. Leah is the co-author of The Complete Single Mother — the best selling self-help book ever written for single parents. Visit her site and follow her on Twitter @Dr_Leah.
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