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Steve Kidd

Thriving Entrepreneur – Live Your Greatness with Matt Gil

Acknowledging the person you are today is the key to becoming the person that you want to be. But how can you truly know that you have got it, so you can truly get it and then give it?
Three important things that you need to discover your greatness:
1. Got it – This is to become aware that there is something greater inside of us that we have to tap into. There is a realization of being better.
2. Get it – This is to work on ‘you’ and on your limiting beliefs, your negative chatter.
3. Give it – This is the realization that you are enough and passing on that realization to other people by letting them hear your story.
Do not let negativity steal your soul. It’s time to make bold shifts and surrender to something bigger than yourself until you can finally say that you got it. Once you got it, never stop getting it so you will never run out of something to give to other people. Start your exciting journey today to a better YOU by joining host Steve Kidd and the astounding author of the book Got It, Get It, Give It and Master Facilitator for Motivating the Teen Spirit – Matt Gil.on Thriving Entrepreneur