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Architect of Change

Connie Whitman

Architect of Change – The Missing Piece of Leadership

When you hear the word “Change,” in the work place, what is your first thought?  Is it, “I’m excited to see what these new changes are and the new opportunity that it will provide for me and my team?”  OR do you think to yourself, “Here we go again.  Another change from the higher ups.  It’s the new flavor of the month.  It won’t stick and it’s probably stupid and will hurt us all.  I just know it!”

Over 50% of us respond with the second doom and gloom reaction.  The unknown is down right scary.  Isn’t it also very necessary to become better, stronger, and more profitable?  Of course, change is necessary yet the initial gut reaction is nothing short of dramatic and frightening.  Why is this?  Why do we resist change with such fervor?  If we just let go and see what the changes talked about would actually be; and have the first thought of “could the change be good for me or us?”  Wouldn’t that be easier and less stressful?

My guest today, Doug Krug, is going to help us see the light and provide an alternative and process that may take the angst out of our reaction to change.  For 15 years Doug has taught at Johns Hopkins University’s MBA Program. Doug has also served in Executive Development programs at CDC, FBI Academy, DEA, NASA, VA, IRS, Coast Guard, Medicare, ATF, GE, NASDAQ, EPA, Labor and Secret Service Academy.

Doug is a thought leader in creating and sustaining high-performance organizations and he’s written three books on the power of transformation in thinking.  His latest book is The Missing Piece in Leadership: How to create the future you want.