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Conversations About Divorce

Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – How To Choose A Realtor For Your Divorce

If you and your spouse own your home, then whether one of you is going to keep it or it’s being sold, you’ll need a Realtor to work with. It seems like everyone has a friend who’s a Realtor so that should be easy, yes? Turns out it’s not so easy because not all Realtors have the expert knowledge about divorce you need.

In this episode Mandy is joined by Peggy Spiro who is a Realtor and a Real Estate Divorce Specialist in Colorado. Peggy was one of the first real estate agents in the nation to specialize in divorce.

Join Mandy and Peggy to discover:

  • what special expertise to look for
  • why some agents don’t want to work with divorcing couples
  • how an agent needs to communicate with you
  • why you shouldn’t wait till your divorce is final to find an agent
  • why you might not want to work with your friend

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