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Happily Ever After Is Just The Beginning!

Lesli Doares, LMFT

Happily Ever After Is Just The Beginning! – What Causes Divorce Isn’t What You Think

Have you ever been shocked by a couple you thought had a great marriage when they announce they’re getting a divorce? Was there an affair? Out-of-control fighting? Money trouble? It was probably none of the above. Most divorces are the result of much less. When you hear not to sweat the small stuff, you think that means the little things your partner complains about. But not paying attention to those things is what really sinks most marriages. Matt Fray, writer at The Good Men Project and founder of Must Be This Tall To Ride, shares his observations and suggestions about how you can avoid having your marriage end with a whimper. Send your comments to suggestions and comments to Lesli and share the show on Facebook and Twitter.