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David Pomeroy, MD

ADHD Focus – Triggers for rage and depression with Dr. Bill Dodson

Have you, or your ADHD child or pour ever gone into a rage or withdrawn from others over nothing?

What triggers ADHD’ers into instant rage or expression?  Dr. Bill Dodson and I discuss Rejection Sensitivity – a common issue with ADHD.

When one with ADHD perceives she or he has been rejected, discounted or unheard … watch out!

You need to know about this!  It can be destructive to relationships!

Bill dodson, MD is the founder of Dr. Dodson ADHD,  a clinic in Denver, Colorado for the evaluation and treatment of ADHD and Learning Disorders.  He has specialized in the field of Adult ADHD for over 20 years.

His book is in the press – watch for it!