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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Crystals Connect us to Changing Universal Energies

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Michael Eastwood

In today’s episode of Healing From Within your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit which relates stories and powerful examples for learning to recognize and utilize intuition and the Universal Laws of Energy for implementing dynamic new ways to change your perceptions to a higher consciousness and improve all aspects of your personal life. Joining Sheryl is special guest Michael Eastwood from England author of Crystal Oversoul: New Earth Attunements who has specialized in crystal healing for over 20 years and is the director of the Aristia a crystal supplier and healing center in Hampshire.

As Michael and Sheryl explore a greater view of inner energetic soul presence we find many tools and the means for creating a healthier and more joyful physical and spiritual realities. Self-investigation and self-mastery of emotions are at the heart of this process to find your magnificent and most powerful source of eternal unlimited potential. Michael shares with us how he has come to realize we are truly at a point in the evolution of human consciousness where we are ready to catapult to a heightened sense of awareness. This awakening of consciousness can be activated through the tools of color, crystals aromatherapy and focused attention energy work meditation and the balancing of one’s physical and inner maturation process . Michael has undergone an 11 part initiation process and training in the Qabalah with the Order of Maat and teaches two years and post graduate diplomas in crystal healing that allows people to set up their own crystal healing private practice.

The subject of crystals has always held a fascination for us. Crystals, it is claimed, can alleviate stress, boost creativity, cure disease, raise levels of consciousness and enhance psychic powers in areas such as divination and dowsing. The belief that quartz and semi-precious stones  contain a subtle power unknown to science is a key part of the New Age industry.

Some proponents claim that these effects are currently outside the testable boundaries of science, and stem from magical auras, vibrations, and frequencies. However those who specialize in studying and working with crystals are aware of their beneficial nature much like herbal therapies that have been used for healing before pharmaceutical medicines. Different crystals are also thought to posses different levels of energy, and produce different effects.

Sheryl tells a coincidental story in regard to evaluating the vibration of crystals which happened the day before the recording of this show. At a clients house to administer a Reiki energy session Sheryl’s client who is a jewelry designer laid 7 crystal bookmarks in front of her and wished her to select one. Sheryl picked up the two that appealed to her and closed her eyes to feel which energy had a more healing effect for her. Both were good but Sheryl selected the one that worked well with the solar plexis chakra. So we can see that crystals like people vibrate at various levels and certain energies are better for their well being than other energies perhaps. It is wise to begin to tap into the energy of your own vibration so you can release what causes pain or friction and incorporate what in your environment brings happiness and well-being. Knowing yourself more completely at an emotional level and increasing your sensory way of feeling what is around you is the way to develop this innate intuitive ability we all have.

A study has shown that the sensations reported by believers in crystals such as tingling, warmth and feelings of well-being ­ come instead from the power of suggestion. When given cheap, fake crystals, people reported exactly the same sterious sensations as when they handle the genuine articles. In trying to understand any process for maintaining health and promoting well being there will always be people who respond favorably to a process and those who are unaffected. Perhaps the power of an open mind and a willingness to receive benefits from any treatment or new way of thinking is a prerequisite to achieving the best results.

Michael and Sheryl explore the purpose for a soul of infinite creation and potential to have a life in a physical body and world where their spirit and true nature are limited by the physical body. Michael suggests that a physical life allows for the polishing of the soul essence refining thoughts and sharing greater compassion and love while feeling and sensing life at an intense level which our senses enable us to do.

Sheryl SaysŠ ³In my book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love, I suggest a physical life is a way for us to feel emotions and refine our soul essence with greater compassion and love which each soul takes with then when we return to Spirit where Consciousness survives physical death Sheryl wroteŠ..The first and arguably, the ultimate goal for those committed to spiritual growth, is to feel love for themselves and then extend this love to other human beings. While this may sound simple and even a bit obvious, the practice itself can be quite difficult and can take years, or perhaps forever to achieve. This unconditional love requires surrendering the false realities offered from a limited material
view of the world. But it is this ability to find love everywhere and in everyone which allows the soul to connect to a higher knowing, namely that all that exists on this and other dimensions are miraculous and infinite.²

Michael goes on to describing how crystal healing relates to the current issues humanity is facing and how his new Oversoul cards provide what is needed during the many challenges we face worldwide now. Each of the 22 mandalas in the cards represent new pathways that allow us to journey with them and to assist us in anchoring our light or inner wisdom into the New Earth philosophies that are evolving as we work more towards self-actualization and the refinement of our inner being. The Oversouls or guides in Spiirt see the New Earth in the following way. “You can see the New Earth as a representation of a new era in human evolution. The preparation for this era has involved many incarnate as well as discarnate beings‹each in their own way who have sought to guide humanity across the threshold of Old Earth or past limited materialist views of the world into new energies of the New Earth. The New Earth is completely open to a new
set of possibilities that has yet to be written. Many beings crossed over into the New Earth without the need to leave their bodies behind. These cards are designed as a series of inner journeys. They are encoded to clear as well as align the aura and chakras of the person using them so they can best be supported on the transitions and changes leading to the New Earth.”

Michael discusses his views on reincarnation as an important way to understand the eternal nature of energy and how our soul selects a physical life experience. He believes lifetimes spent in other dimensions or planets are explored through the crown chakra which is the opening on our bodies to Universal Source and unlimited downloading of wisdom and understanding of the Universe.

Sheryl says it is through experiencing through meditation this higher state of awareness and eternal plane of life that we are guided by our loved ones or souls in Spirit who send us messages from that dimension of energy or life to help us achieve our highest human potential. We can find joy in the knowledge that what comes from the Spirit, or Universal Source, goes back to the Spirit in a form of consciousness that survives beyond our physical deaths. Sheryl says in her own experience, she has had many déjà moments and during past life regression sessions have become aware of places and lives that were lived by her soul under the guise of a different name and body but still her energy memories and being, which as energy, is never extinguished, only transformed to be able to be in different times and places to gather more experience for the soul.

Michael believes crystals have consciousness. In many ways, crystals are very similar to humans. They grow in darkness, and become incredible channels for light and clarity upon emergence into the world. Each has its own individual characteristics and qualities, although emanating from a common matrix and latticework. The crystal lattice is very similar in form to the DNA double-helix structure, and has an ability to store, reproduce, amplify, harmonize, and radiate electromagnetic forces. In the shamanic tradition, crystals are called living rocks. Indeed, their ability to transmute energy and transform consciousness has been known throughout time.

Michael says, “My work with the Oversouls explores crystalline beings of consciousness through a series of mandalas, meditations and writings and their role in our unfolding journey. My first set of cards and book The Crystal Oversoul Attunements became a worldwide best seller and was translated into French. This new set, The Crystal Oversoul New Earth Attunements is a continuation, an extension of that journey that started  with the first publication of the first set of cards.”

Michael offers his view on the wider context of an emerging humanity. “The first 44 mandalas and writings explore humanity¹s evolutionary on-going journey from the end of one cycle into another entirely new paradigm. The first 44 mandalas supported humanity¹s initiation known as the Great Turning of 2012 that would in itself birth the New Earth”. Sheryl states that in the year 2000 we entered a new millennium ending the Age of Pisces or that of the Industrialized world of Materialism and entered the Age Of Aquarius or the New Earth Cycle which will be a lightening of our human qualities and a heightening of our energetic soul possibilities for Self-Actualization and for an improved humane human
condition. Time to look within to discover the truth and possibilities for aligning to Universal Source and making life vibrate at unique and positives levels for health success prosperity and cooperation between all living entities.

Michael first came to know crystals after having studied and been initiated into Qabalah. He knew enough about meditational temples and path-workings to know that what the Oversouls were giving him was in a similar vein to the Qabalistic way of training and exercises that accompany the study of the Tree of Life. It began to dawn upon Michael that the new Oversouls were connected to the ten attunements that he writes about and explores in Unfolding Our Light, in particular a continuation of the tenth attunement. It was for Michael one of those “Aha Moments” when everything fell into place. The 22 Oversouls messages he introduces are directly connected to our awakening and tentative steps onto the New Earth.

Crystals are beyond their beauty and mystery used as a healing technique. Crystal healing is an alternative medical technique in which crystals and other stones are used to cure ailments and protect against disease. Proponents of this technique believe that crystals act as conduits for healing ‹ allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out. Healing crystals remain popular at health spas and at New Age health clinic and are sometimes incorporated into related practices of massage and Reiki. The use of crystals in such environments may help induce relaxation, although this effect is also not backed by scientific evidence.

Michael has seen real changes in people as a result of crystal healing sessions

Sheryl says “As A Reiki Energy practitioner who accesses the Universal source of healing energies and who feels the vibrations and shifts in her clients bodies as they allow cellular blockages of energy to release often watches the faces of her clients as they relax and remember their internal soul presence and proceed to expand and explore new possibilities in all areas of their life. Sheryl as Michael finds so much joy in being part of a process working with guides or higher vibrational beings in Spirit who lead us to know our true essence and purpose in life is simply to find greater joy love and compassion relinquishing fear and non essential restrictions . Sheryl relates a story of a young woman who came to her and believed she would never have a second child as many doctors had tried their methods to no avail…after healing sessions and her learning to practice on herself she found herself pregnant and now we like to say with great amusement and love – He is a Reiki baby -a miracle! So much is ossible when we focus our thoughts and intentions on what we need..there is help from above and if it is in our life plan no one or nothing will stop it. The key is to accept and allow all circumstances to flow as they must and not give up trust and faith succumbing to views of judgment and blame.”

Michael writes that his work with the Oversouls explores “crystalline beings of consciousness” through a series of mandalas, meditations and writings and their role in our unfolding journey and goes on to say that this set of cards on crystals is different than others out there because this book was written to reflect the time we live in right now. Many crystal books good as they are do not cover the aura and chakra changes that we are currently experiencing. Each of the attunements that make up the information in this book are in their own way here to help you as you navigate your way through the energies of the New Earth. You will notice times when your life-force feels stuck, heavy or restricted ­ each of the Oversouls cards and attunements in this downloading of energy forces are here to support you through these times. For these unsettling or deeply uncomfortable feelings are signals that your energy has slipped back or has been pulled back by the  energies of the Old Earth. The attunements are here to assist you getting yourself unstuck, releasing the old energy and getting into the correct dimensional reality.”

To use the crystal cards which consist of the 44 crystalline beings of Consciousness through a series of mandalas, meditations and writings explaining their role in our unfolding journey and also the new set of cards 45-66 includes audio recordings to accompany each of the attunements. An attunement is a process where your cellular structure is shifted and allowed to release old imprints and prepared to download new information at this same cellular level where the body will expand and be allowed to resonate in harmony with the many changes happening in the world circumstances at the present time. Each of the attunements helps you navigate the energies of New Earth or our changing times so you will
notice when your life force feels stuck, heavy or restricted and you may be supported by each of the Oversouls.

“The journeys that Michael has undertaken with the Oversouls has awakened these chakra centers within and brought their importance to my awareness. It is these centers of perception that were in use when I travelled to converse with the Oversouls. (guides) during meditation. All real healing starts with the willingness to change. “If reality is not what we want, we need to seek out what it is we do need to change to achieve an improvement. It is how I learn what the crystals want from me and how they wish to work with us to bring profound change to our earth and our consciousness.”

Sheryl says we are in the midst of a profound new era of moving past our sleeping state and living only in our physical sensory awareness. Now is the time to go beyond what has existed in the past incorporating the use and a new dedication to working with our chakra system, or energy system or soul essence that connects our Being to realms and realms of knowledge and life beyond this dimension of physicality. The results of this in generations to come will bring us to a higher level of truth and higher consciousness of who we are: spiritual beings having a spiritual life. This awareness and state of existing will bring us into a more cooperative state of living between communities, nations, and perhaps universal realms of life forces.
Michael and Sheryl have seen how by raising our consciousness and aligning to the Spiritual helpers who are here for us all, we are able to discover a way to use the healing qualities of crystals and the wisdom of Universal Life Coaches to release negative energies old thought patterns and belief systems which hold us back from entering the New Earth living conditions that will offer many possibilities for living cooperatively in a truly equalitarian state and creating prosperity health unity and Oneness and offer world communities a way to heightened consciousness and truth. As one of the Mandalas offered on the 49th card titled “Precious Opal entitled Being of Light” presented by Michael we may recognize a force that has always been around and within us and that leads us to discover our highest divine nature so we can fulfill our personal destiny creating a world of hope and love for others – This was delivered by these higher vibrational beings – “Beloved One”. Here you are in the company of beings from many Universes and dimensions, and they have come just for you. Make your way to your seat, it is waiting for you. Take your rightful place besides your ancient friends. These beings are indeed a part of your extended family of light. Although at times you may have felt alone on Earth, the presence of those in Spirit have always been there.

For those of you listening who know this- you already have accessed the deepest memory of your soul and are aligned to that force of eternal nature – for those who have yet to connect to this memory Michael and I wish you the joy of the moment of awareness that will one day be yours.

As a medium and energy practitioner who connects to this higher energy to download the messages of love and support, Sheryl wrote in her book “As I awoke from my dream I remembered to be grateful for my life and was happy to know that so many others are finally awakened to this awareness of their physical and spiritual lives. May we all rest in the peace of this lovely thought and finally breathe in the power of the Living Spirit available to all of us for creating a world that those above guide us to discover. And so it is”.