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Lynn Torre, CFP

Mind-Money Connection – The Benefit of Boundaries: The Importance of Saying No

Have you ever given-in to someone’s request but you really didn’t want to?  Do you feel that you don’t get the respect you deserve?  Are you easily talked into buying something that you really don’t need or want?  Do you always say yes to your children’s requests?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, listen to our lively conversation about the benefit of having boundaries and the importance of saying no.

John Kammes, Jaclyn Dominguez and I discuss the many ways we unconsciously give away our time, money and self-respect.  We sometimes even apologize for it!

Saying no can be a very positive thing in our lives.  The word “No” can be delivered in a kind and respectful manner and there is no need to apologize for stating what you want and/or expect.

John Kammes [630-745-8716) is a reflexologist and Level 4 Healing Touch Apprentice. Jaclyn Dominguez has a BA in Personal Finance and is an MBA candidate in Business Analytics.