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Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – Dating After Divorce: Are You Ready? With Guest Sandy Weiner

Sooner or later most people try dating after divorce: some people dive right in with little hesitation, other people are more cautious, and some of us even need a push!
While there is a danger in waiting too long, being ready is important. Being ready means approaching dating as an adventure with more self-confidence and less intimidation. You’ll be the chooser and less likely to take “no” as rejection. In short, being ready means opening yourself up to lots of fun.
So what goes into being ready? Joining Mandy again today is dating expert and founder of Sandy Weiner. Listen to learn:
  • what being emotionally ready looks like
  • the essential physical preparations you don’t want to ignore
  • the difference between dating for fun and dating for keeps
  • the importance of open, direct communication, and
  • how many people are picky about the wrong things
Visit Sandy’s website for her free download, The Top Three Dating Mistakes Midllife Daters Make. And follow Mandy at her blog and on Facebook and Twitter as SinceMyDivorce.
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