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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – The Key to Personal Growth in Motherhood: Focus on Relationships

Personal growth can be challenging, and when you’re a mom, it might feel like there’s no time to left over for “choosing to grow.” Yet, the lens of motherhood provides unique opportunities for personal growth as well as relationship growth. In fact, it’s often through our relationships we grow the most. In this episode, Michelle Duncan Wilson, founder of Soul Work For Moms, and I are discussing the importance of our relationships—with ourselves, our children, our spouse/partner, friends, family, and community—in personal growth. We explore these relationships and how they are truly the perfect soil in which we can “plant ourselves and grow.” (This is How we Grow) We’re also sharing specific strategies to help expand your perspective when it comes to personal growth and tools that will keep you “growing” through motherhood, now and always. Be sure to also visit my website for more on this topic, including my post, “Weather the Storms Together: 4 Ways to Strengthen Families in Times of Stress.