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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Writing as a form of Spiritual Emergence

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Paddy Fievet
In today’s episode of “Healing from Within”, your host Sheryl Glick author of The Living Spirit is delighted to welcome Paddy Fievet author of The Making of A Mystic who states there’s a modern mystic in everyone as the heart and soul of each of us calls out for us to remember our connection to each other, love and Universal Source.
Paddy Fievet author of When Life Cried Out and her newest book The Making Of A Mystic shares how quite unexpectedly and to her astonishment through pen and paper while meditating deeply one day received an answer to a question that had plagued her all her life. Recognizing Divine Love in Self, others and nature she shows us how we may be guided through the deepest meanings of a mystical connection and discover some profound truths about a Universal way to reach our greatest potential in transforming and transitioning from the illusions many of us pay homage to and to recognize that beauty love integrity among other virtuous qualities are the fabric of our real inner soul nature.
Paddy describes anxiety panic attacks and agoraphobic symptoms in the following way… “The following anxiety in my chest started rather quietly at first, but its upsurge almost knocked me over..This panic attack was going to be profound…I tried some yogic breathing techniques but found it wasn’t working…My hands trembled tingled and then became absolutely numb. Electric currents randomly shot up my forearms, while my legs became anesthetized. My eyesight began to shut down completely Rasping for flight or fight response kicked in and Oh God I ran. My friend Samuel came and brought me back into the building and the woman to my right began to speak in soft reassuring tones…Turn your back to me and I can help. I began to feel better..The lady said she was an allergy intuitive and I was having a reaction to the perfume of the woman in front of me…By utilizing a specific set of acupressure points on either side of your backbone, I was able to help your body overcome this allergic reaction This woman was studying energy medicine with Dr Normal Shealy and Dr Carolyn Myss.”
Paddy mentions many topics that she questioned the guides about including Purpose, God, Truth, Soulful Listening, Neediness, Seeking Personal Reflection, Conscious, Choice and received magnificent and all empowering answers.
Sheryl liked the one entitled” Seeking”….As you look for God, seek Creation in the sunrise of today’s beginnings. As the range of yellowy colors bursts forth into your darkness, know that you have found possibility. And know that your search is just beginning. As you seek God today, look in the eager faces of the children trusting and so full of hope for their lives before they experience the sadness that humanity brings upon one another while forgetting love, but remembering hate and violence. God is there in the innocence of the child and still is found in mankind’s inhumanity, laughing in one, crying in the other. Seek God in the forests. Hear divine whispers of love as the breezes echo through the leaves, reminding you to be still and know that Spirit is and always and evermore, moving within the stillness of your own awareness, etc.
Paddy feels writing her memoir was not only a psychological exercise in personal growth but was also part of a greater spiritual process.
Paddy tells us that “The Spiritual process began when she was at a group meeting with 11 tremendously psychic women, most of whom had healing practices of one kind or another and knew how to read energy in the body-mind or the aura which surrounds each of us and is filled with emotions perceptions of our experiences and results of our thoughts… I was asked to ask a question and my question was, “Why do I never feel good enough?” I closed my eyes and began to write…filled with a loving energy that pulsated through my heart and right into my hand..this is part of what I wrote…”Carry not with you inappropriate ideas ingrained about your self-worth The journey you’ve traveled has been filled with castles of silver and gold, shimmering with all their opulence, outshining each other each one stating it’s worthiness by out-glimmering and overwhelming all. With these castles, only the resplendence of their being—that which blinds the observer, taking away his light—will even be considered.”
Beloved one, have you ever seen the details of these castles, found their true substance? I am here to tell you an ordinary wind could smash these castles into unworthy debris. Their power derives from your weakness. It is not how much you glitter and shine in life that is important….Still the old voices. Listen to your authentic truth. Our creator has made you complete; you have not been born without. Your eyes have only been blinded by what you perceive to be a better castle. You are your own castle and it houses your soul. You know that your soul is the precious part of God, returned when your journey is over. Live in your own castle and feel its importance. If it is good enough for God to house part of God’s Self, is it not good enough for you. Blossom with your time on earth, and be not pressed by judgmental stones. Leave the stones where they fall and breathe your journey with trust and patience. Your own castle shines.
Paddy has travelled the world extensively and experienced metaphysical revelations. Many people end up traveling to places throughout the world where others have had those mystical experiences. Paddy had mystical encounters in Ireland, a visit to Auschwitz, a connection with feminine spirits in Alta, a message received at the Great Pyramid of Giza and a Rennesle-Chateau small village in Southern France where the ancient Church of Saint Mary Magdalene is. Paddy describes the mystical experience of Oneness with Spirit and the many butterflies that surrounded her as she sat on the hillside and felt the oneness as they struggled to emerge from the Cocoon into a new state or stage of life..a transition and transformation at the same time. Instead of feeling like my life was about me, I felt as if we all were unique expressions of God, as if all were a part of life. It felt like Divine Love. It felt like Creation, Paddy wrote “I realized that during this painfully honest, gloriously adventure of following Spirit’s guidance, places of silence and dysfunction inside my psyche had cried out, found solace and gleaned wisdom so profound that it can only be understood as Divine Love.”
The mystical wisdom of God could be found in deep woods, in falling leaves, in a meandering brook of water The wisdom specifically came to me from ancient trees..(Oaks) Many Native Americans called this primal species of wisdom, The Standing People” I prefer to call them “Standing Souls,” Paddy writes, “I understood the trees birds animals plants stones etc were as much God’s creation as I was, just in different form. Along with prayer, meditation writing and any form of creative expression we may endeavor to witness God’s Love through the trees-through the Old Souls.”
A mystic is a person who has had a direct connection with the presence of God and is therefore deeply transformed. The experience of the direct connection with the presence of God is called a mystical experience. Normally when one mentions mystical experiences or a mystic, ordinary thought runs the gamut of extra holy saints who God loved most…Paddy Fievet disagrees. Paddy gives examples of her gradual witnessing to the presence of God in all life, not just for some selected species. The God as Spirit reveals the divine connection in all of life, including ancient trees, the murmuring of a lazy brook that flows through a mountain valley, and the intense effort it takes for a butterfly to break out of its own cocoon. Although we may have read of saints and prophets who have had a direct experience of God this divine presence can be known to each of us every day if we simply be still enough to allow it to present itself.
Paddy expresses the thought that everyone’s life is a Sacred Story that must be realized and expressed. Paddy came to realize that while meditating she received answers to questions and wrote it down..the answers were insightful as well as the odd way of receiving them and her life was forever changed. She wrote, Spirit spoke to me through my writing rewriting and then rewriting again. I learned how memoir moves personal experience from the trauma part of the brain into the analytical reasoning part of the brain where it can finally be put to rest. In this way experiences finally show up on the page as sacred story.
Perhaps that is why so many wonderful and authentic stories of courage transition transformation and a new view of Universal Energy as a source for healing and for these alternative energy modalities to be used in alignment with traditional medical practices is flooding our consciousness at the present time. It would seem God or Spirit is helping so many sleeping souls to awaken and take their natural place in the order of a Divine time in our human development. There are times when Paddy describes waking visions, dreams and profound synchronicities that helped her navigate through some profound emotions, led Paddy to travel to specific places or helped her understand life, love and herself at a deeper level.
Paddy describes some amazing intuitive experiences… “If intuition is the language of the soul then it follows that each of us are intuitive. Problems arise because many of us don’t realize it. Paddy Fievet explains that it is not what we do that allows us to access, discern and witness the presence of God in our lives but it is in the stillness. Instead of waiting for dramatic signs for most of us it works best when we sit in silence opening our hearts and soul to God. Intuition is an innate process, a cultivated awareness and a profound experience of the language of God specifically formulated for each of us in our own unique way of understanding…Be still….Then Know…That is all that is necessary.”
Sheryl Says “For a good part of my adult life I was always following thoughts that floated into my mind, but thought it was my own good thinking, reasoning power and training, but at a certain point realized I had always been intuitive and sensitive from childhood on and was aware on some level of energy surrounding me, touching me physically, and making me aware of a strong presence that lead me to conclude that” we were more than our bodies and life was not random… we were not alone.. and had spiritual guidance and connections to another dimension of life…” As time moved on I put away what I thought were childish imaginings and became embedded in the values those around me held important- living a material life and achieving success by that criteria. My first book Life Is No Coincidence shares my growing awareness of that deeper part of soul being and connection to God and my new book The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love shares my work as an intuitive energy practitioner and medium who found once again that innate intuitive sense and connection to Spirit enabling me to transcend and transform my physical reality to create a healthier more prosperous life journey.”
The definition of intuition is instinctive knowing without the use of rational processes or an impression that something might be the case…Either way it is beyond the mind and more of the soul or spiritual heart essence and is absolutely part of the mystical process of remembering or reconnecting to that higher part of Self or interconnectedness to all of life and Source.
Paddy mentions the term “cultivating awareness.” Cultivating awareness or a remembrance of our unrestrained joy and enthusiasm of childhood where the soul was not yet burdened by the restraints and rules of the physical world gently helps us discover we are all modern day mystics in search of what makes us feel good and connected to life love and our divine beginnings. Those who have cultivating awareness are called many names from psychics, healers, clairvoyants and seers to mediums and saints. Very intuitive people who have understood life deeper and have known their lives as Spiritual experiences manifest their talents as teachers and share their spiritual gifts with grace and show others how to tap into their own modern mystic capabilities.
For those who seek spiritual empowerment Paddy wrote “We are each connected to Spirit in ways far beyond our understanding, a connection we must discern for ourselves and learn to trust. Answers are always there for us, even when we feel completely lost. God in Spirit form provides us the opportunity to find our own divinity, and to realize our inner strength by writing and living our sacred story.”
Paddy believes anyone can experience the Holy Spirit through creative expressions such as art or writing. Paddy wrote, “ Writing helps you find clarity instead of reaction moving past the confusion of trauma of past experiences and it does not stop there… unless you stop writing. When you surrender yourself to Spirit then you surrender your small self so that a larger self can emerge and you create a space for Spirit to speak to you through your writing…Paddy believes that the voice is actually The Voice of Spirit moving through answering you when you have no answers, holding you with love…Keep writing and surrender to Spirit at the same time. It is a simultaneous process, Oneness with healing magnitude.”
Paddy used a quote from a healer and spiritualist Carl Jung whose name comes up often during these shows. Carl Jung wrote “Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” So self-investigation and self mastery of emotions through the release of dysfunction fear and limitations lead to a greater awareness of our true being or soul presence and connection to Universal Energy..the Divine or Source of Creation and Life, and show us our eternal life force and divine connection to all of life. Carl Jung emphasized that we begin to know ourselves and create what is most meaningful to our soul journey not dwelling on the past and restricting our energies to remain stagnant and unchanging by this very focus…Always move forward with hope love and an eternal sense of your own divine presence and that is the way to create a life of happiness and well being.
Sheryl and Paddy have seen once again that God is in all things and all things are in God. Sheryl says it slightly different in The Living Spirit but means the same thing. “We can find joy in the knowledge that what comes from the spirit goes back to the spirit in a form of consciousness that survives beyond our physical death. Our lives, our experiences, and all that surrounds us are part of a divine plane, and at the end of the day, we are not alone.”
Paddy received a divine revelation through automatic writing that each of us has the capacity to receive messages from God. We have all been given talents, we are all wired to receive messages from the Holy and we all have the divine right to do so. In the Bible it is quite prevalent to read how God revealed wisdom and reassurance to humanity in different ways. Paddy goes on to say “It can happen to all of us, also, not just to a selected few.”
Sheryl and Paddy would have you realize that as you work with your intuition which is the language of the soul, your gut feeling and dreams and find greater joy in your life you will raise your vibration and connection to Source and Universal energy and the experiences and confidence you develop through this spiritual connection will help you be aware of the Oneness aspect of your life, as well as to nature and every living person. Truth love joy and kindness will be the qualities you absorb and add to your inner awareness of Self and the Divine. On some level everyone is functioning within the framework of this Universal Guidance system as God or Spirit is Evolution Expansion and Unconditional Love…the search towards this awareness or opening within yourself to these probabilities is worth the effort. Try to believe in yourself and the divine spark of Eternal Life within and you may find answers to your wondrous and deepest questions.