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Rock Splitting Politics – Cruz Could Say, “Donald, you magnificent Trumpster, I read your book!”

Cruz, in a Patton-like manner, could have said that line about Wisconsin! Ted Cruz, similar to General George Patton, has the ability to build on his primary victory in Wisconsin. Fashioning in a family atmosphere the phrase made famous in the 1970 movie, Patton, when the World War II tank commander defeated the epic Desert Fox German General Rommel, Ted Cruz could take this spirit into the rest of the campaign for the Republican nomination .  Of course, Patton used some stronger language but in this week’s show Doc Holliday uses some points made by Peter Economy in his January article about Trump’s bestseller, The Art of the Deal, that Cruz might have read and used in his quest for victory.  Doc uses audio bites to go over last week’s Cruz victory along with some famous songs that Cruz and Trump could be singing after the Wisconsin primary.  Doc also touches on the Democratic race for the presidential nomination and talks about where we go from here with delegate counts.  Another interesting week and another exciting show sure to inform and make you smile some, too.  This is no time to keep Rock Splitting Politics to yourself, let’s spread this show far and wide, send out the links and tell your friends and neighbors as Doc Holliday works with you to help wrestle this nation toward more freedom and more liberty for all!