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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind

Host: Sheryl Glick R.M.T.
Special Guest: Betty Andreasson
In today’s episode of Healing From Within, Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit- a book of miraculous stories and examples of energy healing, afterlife communication and support for awakening to the possibilities of our unlimited potential for creating our most healthy purposeful and prosperous life journey through recognizing the Universal Laws of Energy and applying them to everyday life experiences. Today Sheryl welcomes Betty Andreasson who is the main character in Raymond Fowler’s book The Andreasson Affair. Raymond Fowler, an abductee and international authority on UFOs has served as Director of Investigations for the Mutual UFO network and Scientific Associate for the Center for UFO Studies. Betty will share her story of being abducted by aliens or extraterrestrials or divine messengers and presents definitive evidence and testimony about the event. She has contributed original drawings of what she saw in the book. An intensive year- long investigation of Betty’s abduction was conducted for the Center for UFO Studies involving among other things the recording of extensive testimony given under hypnosis; lie detector testing of witnesses, exhaustive comparison with other such accounts and Betty shares her physical and emotional ordeal and the long term effects on her life.
In the book Betty shares much of her beginning life “As a girl Betty considered herself a tomboy running towards the pond and woods in rural Massachusetts feasting on wild blackberries plums and hazelnuts and climbing trees and going deep into the woods where she was not afraid..but found it peaceful. At seventeen, she married James Andreasson who was twenty one and had been in the navy for four years. They had seven children. Secure in her vibrant Christian faith she instilled those values within her own family. Her husband was in a car accident and needed months of traction. At that time Betty’s parents came to help. One night as the family watched TV, the electric lights began to flicker and the house went into complete darkness..all the children came rushing in to the kitchen to find their mother…at the same time the family saw a curious pink light shining through the kitchen window. Ten years later under hypnosis Betty and Becky, her eleven year old daughter would describe the scene as follows.. “It seemed like the whole house had a vacuum over it…like stillness all around and a huge pulsating glow in the kitchen and outside..a big glow.Betty’s father that night glanced into the backyard through the pantry window and saw what looked like Halloween freaks… they had on a funny kind of headdress and jumped one after the other just like grasshoppers.. “When they saw me looking at them they stopped…the one in front looked at me and I felt kind of queer….” Betty stood in back of the leader and like suction they went through the door and floated several inches above the ground. Her legs and body felt strange- weightless and outside in the yard was an oval object with a raised central portion on its own struts .”
Sheryl shares a story of an unusual event as surreal to her as what Betty saw. “In my books Life Is No Coincidence and The Living Spirit I share how as a skeptic and uninvolved person with spiritual matters, no real belief in the afterlife and other worldly forces, one night I had what I thought was a dream and felt my grandfather William who had been dead 30 years or so standing by my side in a dark cloud. While I couldn’t hear him, in my mind I knew he said “You have to write something for your father..the next day I received a call from my mother stating my dad had passed..I wrote his eulogy but more than that I began to search and learn about metaphysical concepts: psychics mediums spirit communication and anything that had not been previously in my conscious awareness…I later realized it wasn’t a dream but a spiritual visitation that had happened to me….so communication between different energy realms and life forces is definitely possible. Thinking back to my childhood I have always been aware of energy and the shifts or changes around me perhaps of other beings who watch over us: but it was not until I began to ask questions and seek a greater view of who we are, where we come from, and what happens when we leave this life that I became comfortable with the duality of our being an energetic or soul presence and also a physical or sensory being. These extraterrestrial stories may remind us of the power of our inner essence to know more than we do with our conscious mind and urge us to develop all our spiritual gifts without fear judgment or ignorance as we move into the search for our higher Selves.”
Betty wrote “They passed through solid wood as if it were non-existent one right after another.” Then her strong Christian beliefs surfaced to provide a rational explanation…. “I’m thinking they must be angels because Jesus was able to walk through doors and walls and walk on water. Must be angels…and Scriptures kept coming into my mind where it says, “Entertain the stranger, for it may be angels unaware.”
Betty saw four beings who were identical except for the leader who appeared taller. They had gray skins and large outsized pear-shaped heads..their faces were mongoloid in appearance and the taller one his left eye seemed to quickly go up in a slit. Large wraparound catlike eyes stood in stark contrast to less prominent facial features…holes for noses and ears and fixed scar like mouths. They wore shiny dark blue form fitting uniforms. Each left sleeve had an emblem that resembled a bird with outstretched wings. Their 3 digit hands were gloved and they wore high shoes or boots. Betty says an extraordinary calm settled over her. An aura of friendliness emanated from the alien intruders and she was no longer afraid.
Sheryl wonders if they did anything to her physically. Yes they did and while they keep saying they weren’t going to hurt Betty…they did maybe unknowingly or maybe they don’t have the same physical sensitivies. While in the craft after Betty had gone with them as they requested, she followed them again to another room and were asked to change into a white garment. Into another room there was an elongated table with a control panel on the side…the alien creatures physical examination of Betty was one of the most emotion packed portions of the case…Betty didn’t want the examination… lights and wires needle wires ..they took long bendable wires and stuck one up her nose and one into her head. “I felt some pain but they touched the top of my head and took it away and they touched my forehead and said they were awakening something. Then they penetrated through my navel and said that examination was something about creation and something was missing…I had had a hysterectomy so they were right about a missing uterus.” It seemed Betty was living this experience as an observer like the entities..When she was hypnotized and viewed it as the participant the anxiety and fear or terror became very real to those scientists documenting her story.
Further information about the event revealed that the leader who stood about 4 feet tall identified himself as Quazgaa. “He knew my name and called me Betty…I tried to offer them food but they said “We cannot eat food unless it is burned.” And when I started to burn the meat the smoke surprised them. Then they said “That’s not our kind of food. Our food is tried by fire, knowledge tried by fire.” They went into the living room and Betty saw her family as if time had stopped for them..Betty picked up the Bible and passed it to the leader…the leader passed her a little thin blue book in exchange.” Becky, the 11 year old daughter regained consciousness and saw her mom conversing with the entities and said they looked like clay men some sort of man-creature..seemed more man than woman and looked like smooth watered on clay. Becky was upset because they’re scary but had said earlier that she likes them and they are kind and don’t mean any harm…just scary to look at.
“They told Betty what they wanted, that they have come to help and asked her to follow and Betty asked “Are You of God” and they said they have come to help the world. Why? Because the world is trying to destroy itself. Betty asked how she could help and they responded..”Would you follow us ? Betty’s power to resist lessened as the aliens stared hypnotically into her eyes…They promised they wouldn’t hurt the family..that they are just resting…so Betty followed them. Betty stood in back of the leader and like suction they went through the door and floated several inches above the ground.. She writes, “My legs and body felt strange- weightless and outside in the yard was an oval object with a raised central portion on its own struts.” Betty was surprised by the strange craft or ship in her yard and Quazgaa sensing that said “You can trust me…look at the ship” and he made the bottom like glass so she could see through it. Betty realized that she saw some things she has seen in the blue book. Once inside the ship, Betty found herself floating in a small room with curved walls. They left her alone in a room perhaps five levels up from where they started and she feels paralyzed except for head movement, and felt deserted and helpless. “They seem like they have controlled my body somehow so I’m fixed like in one place. In back of me are some golden things like a scroll.. When they come back for me I am slowly being lowered through a silvery tube where the entities told me it is a process for cleansing and they didn’t touch me. I was engulfed in bright light.” In general, during the frightening aspects of the experience like the physical examination and the immersion in a liquid capsule and traveling through realms with strange monkey like animals and a beautiful place of light where she saw this giant bird or Phoenix that is thought to represent going through the fire and flames to rise up and conquer any negative experiences and to grow spiritually closer to the Universal Source or God.”
Perhaps these beings are hoping that humanity can rise up and regenerate like the Phoenix symbol of sacred Egyptian folk lore or perhaps the Egyptians also had encounters with these extraterrestrials and transcribed the results into their art and history and religious viewpoints…. into a group of people who function at a higher level of empathy and awareness of the many levels of life possible throughout the Universe and throughout history and dismal conditions..hope faith truth and eternal life must still I think be the driving force for a compassionate and civilized way to evolve and connect to everyone and everything in the Universe.
Betty tells us about her second husband Bob Luca. Bob had experienced the UFO phenomena since childhood and Bob and Betty have had abduction experiences separately and together as well. Perhaps Sheryl suggests they were even brought together by the same beings that watched over them since childhood. Because of these experiences and the fact that they were not afraid to speak about them publicly they were both subjected to harassment by the US government. Betty and her husband and many others, are hoping that disclosure will happen on a bigger scale as they believe the public has a right to know and living in an informational free internet world it is nearly impossible to hide these happenings that have been reported by so many people.
It seems Betty is still connected to them because of the extreme interaction she had with them. They have shared many truths with her to share with others. “For example, the answers for us all are here already..when the heart is given over each individual will recognize it in a different period..the heart must be given over to love and truth. Some people have already discovered this and will some never see it. Yes and it is sad because it is there for all mankind..They told Betty she was chosen to reveal it because of the initiation she went through and it was not random but planned. She was chosen because she did not object. Other people have been involved in these initiations also.. Many are exposed but only a few have gone to the fullness. Some people have been taken to the planets of the beings” Sheryl says “Some of your description of being transported and being way up in the air and seeing water and land mist all around everything blending into green plants fish birds and a pyramid and off to the side a city like you’ve never seen sounds like a near death experiences reported by people who have experienced going through different realms as they head towards the highest point or light…” Betty also said on her return trip she was placed in the strange seat different from the others and her body jumped violently two times like she received electrical shocks..almost like when someone has cardiac arrest and they shock the heart back. Betty says before she was returned to her family, Quazgaa put his hands on her shoulder and said, “Child you must forget for a while..”The aura of friendliness emanating from her captors at this time allowed her to remain calm and eased any discomfort.”
Sheryl and Betty have shared Betty’s personal account of her experience with what they boths decidedly hope are the universal emissaries of light and hope for a more cooperative way for all humans to interact with each other which most of our religious and spiritual teachers and beliefs guide us to discover. Whether we think in terms of angels, messengers, spiritual teachers, guides, or extraterrestrials the hope should be for us all to learn how to live cooperatively and in a higher state of consciousness and awareness for co-creating with all life forces the highest good for all.
In the book, Quazgaa’s repeats a message to Betty which Sheryl believes is for all of us to contemplate, Quazgaa says “My race won’t believe me until much time has passed-our time….They love the human race. They have come to help the human race. And, unless man will accept, he will not be saved, he will not live…All things have been planned. Love is the greatest of all. They do not want to hurt anybody—but because of great love, they cannot let man continue in the footsteps that he is going….It is better to lose some than to lose all….They have technology that man could use…It is through the spirit but man will not search out that portion. Man must understand many of the natural things on earth…if man will just study nature itself, he will find many of the answers he seeks…Man will find them through the spirit. Man is not made of just flesh and blood…Those that are pure of heart that seek earnestness will be given….Energy is “round” about man… within the atmosphere provided for him…many riddles will be given. Those that are wise will understand…those that seek will find… those who are not afraid and move past corruption will be astonished at the world community that we can build with the awareness of these thoughts from our friends of the Universe.”
Guest: Betty Andreasson