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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age

Roy Richards

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age – After 39 Years Toni Tennille Took the Helm–You Can Too

Are you captain of your own ship of life? It’s amazing how many of us, especially women, turn over a lion’s share of our destiny to a dominant spouse or to someone else. Guest Toni Tennille, half of the world-acclaimed 1970’s pop music duo Captain and Tennille, previews her brand new “tell-all” Memoir. Learn how underneath the image of a sparkling, unbreakable couple, Ms. Tennille fought a lonely 39-year struggle against controlling, often bizarre behavior from her emotionally inaccessible husband. Be inspired by her courage to finally make a break, take control and become the stronger, independent woman she is today. Host Roy Richards warns married husbands not to take your long-suffering wives for granted. Before it’s too late, truly communicate, share the load and begin treating your wife as full and equal life partner.