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Mind-Money Connection

Lynn Torre, CFP

Mind-Money Connection – Creating a Win-Win-Win in an Organization

When the currency of heart-felt appreciation (money) easily flows from one person to another and back again it creates a Win-Win-Win situation where all parties involved benefit.

According to Rajesh Setty of the Huffingtom Post, the concept of Win-Win-Win from a business perspective is a P.O.S.E. model. He describes this as Profitable On-Purpose Side Effects.  Google is a perfect example of this strategy.

My guests, Jeff and Lisa Levin (, are creating this same model in a membership organization.  Their website states: “Be a part of re-defining success in business by helping others first”!  Bottom line is that when you give from your heart, prosperity will come to you naturally.

To learn more about their movement call Jeff or Lisa at 866-217-8425 You can also join their open FaceBook group – The Chicagoland Co-opvertising Network.

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