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Julie Stiles

Being Well – Are You Immune To Change?

Have you ever tried to change something, and tried…and tried…and tried? With some change, the go-to approaches of willpower, self-discipline, motivation, and information don’t work. In these cases, you have an immunity to change. You might think there’s something wrong with you, but in fact, a part of you is brilliantly protecting you from what it thinks will happen were you to make that change.

Deborah Helsing, co-author of three books including The Immunity to Change Coach’s Guideand Right Weight, Right Mind: The ITC Approach to Permanent Weight Loss, joins Julie to discuss the Immunity to Change approach. When you uncover your competing commitments and underlying assumptions and work to shift those, it becomes much easier to create the change you’d like in your life.

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Today’s Good Bites Segment: Natural Soap

What you put on your skin matters. Ken Gilberg from Herbaria talks about how they make all natural soap, the ingredients that make up their bars—including a surprising testimonial—and why it’s important to use all natural soaps.

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