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Steve Kidd

Thriving Entrepreneur – Supercharging Your Life with Positivity with Leslie Stein

What are you focusing on in your life right now? Are you walking the path to failure or success? Leslie shares her personal point of view that will open your eyes to the reality that failure is not a different path from success. Failure IS part of success. Here are the foundational elements of facilitating the next thing that you want to do:
  • (P)urpose – Be clear behind the purpose of what you’re doing or what you want to do in your life so you could live a principle that’s important to you.
  • (O)utcome – What you gain out of that thing that you want to do or is planning to do.
  • (W)hat’s in it for me? – The benefits you get once you’ve reached that purpose.
Don’t give up hope. Find that thing that you can do better than everyone else. You can manifest positive outcomes in your life not only by knowing what your purpose is but also by knowing the ‘why’ behind that purpose. Join Steve in this enlightening interview with Leslie Stein on Thriving Entrepreneur.