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Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – Is Mother’s Day Different After Divorce?

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, in today’s episode we’re talking about what it means to be a mother after divorce, how divorce can change your responsibilities as a mother, and of course, celebrating Mother’s Day after divorce.

Joining Mandy for this show is licensed therapist, author and college instructor, Terry Gaspard. Together they discuss:
  • if there are unique challenges for mothers after divorce
  • how changing gender roles have changed the role of mothers
  • the special role mothers play in helping children adapt to two home
  • how to enjoy Mother’s Day after divorce, even if you can’t be with your children.
Terry is the author of the book, Daughters of Divorce: Overcome The Legacy of Your Parents’ Breakup and Enjoy a Happy, Long-Lasting Relationship which is available on Amazon. You can follow Terry at her website, Moving Past Divorce.
You can follow more of Mandy’s divorce advice at her blog, Since My Divorce and follow her on Facebook and Twitter as Since My Divorce.