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Create Your Magical Life

Alana Sheeren

Create Your Magical Life – Beyond “Be the Change”: Empowerment and Activism with Kelly Diels

Popular culture would have us believe that to be empowered women we must be thin, wealthy and meditate daily. Many lifestyle and spirituality teachers teach that our lives are completely within our control and there’s no need to look at the systems of bias and privilege that we live within.

Writer Kelly Diels is currently working on a book about the Female Lifestyle Empowerment brand. She believes that much of what is marketed as “empowerment” is simply a new age spin on harmful, patriarchal expectations.

In this show, she talks about how empowerment is individual AND collective, explains why it’s time to critically evaluate what we’re being taught and offers suggestions for finding the activism that works for you.

Learn more about Kelly and find her writing at KellyDiels.com

Also in this show is an interview with Karen Yelick, CEO of Indego Africa, a nonprofit social enterprise & lifestyle brand that supports women in Rwanda and Ghana through economic empowerment and education. Learn more about their powerful mission, shop their gorgeous artisan made products, make a donation or get involved at IndegoAfrica.org