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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick

Healing From Within – Jesus’ Teaching Offer Evolutionary Solutions to World Crisis’

In today’ episode of Healing From Within, your host Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love shares stories of spiritual awakenings spiritual communication, healing energies, miracles and ways to find your inner truth or higher self. Sheryl welcomes Barbara Marx Hubbard an endless force for social consciousness, innovation and global activism and author of The Evolutionary Testament of Co-Creation which is an in-depth examination of the Gospel according to Mark, Matthew, Luke and John which reveals Jesus’ teachings as a means to offer to society new solutions to the impending dangers and challenges of our 21st century. Ms Hubbard suggests Jesus was not only a revolutionary force, but an evolutionary guide showing us how to achieve the Christ State as individuals and as part of the human race developing a higher awareness of Self the Universe to become once again protectors of the Earth.

Barbara Marx Hubbard shares an evolutionary perspective on “Christ Consciousness” seeing in Christ an archetype for humanity’s current journey from egocentric, to ego freedom and for each of us to become the enlightened and refined citizens of the future empowered human with capacities through the use of science and technology that could revolutionize the world. We have already been changed by new capacities as well as world crisis and the time is NOW to evolve towards a higher order of love and creativity or…. self-destruct. We will discuss today the many possibilities for creating a new society of people and a world that will not fight each other, pollute the earth, or overpopulate, and will use advances in biotechnology, nanotechnology robotics artificial intelligence quantum computing, accessing zero point energy and space travel.

For the format of the book, Barbara mentions quotes from the Gospel such as… “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”(Matthew 5:6)

Then Barbara writes her own view for today’s evolving world…The Good will prevail. The poor in spirit—those who hunger and thirst for goodness, for God—shall surely be filled. For it is God’s will and it is the law of Manifesting, as an evolving universe that at every quantum transformation allows for a higher more complex whole system to emerge in which each of the parts cooperates synergistically for the good of itself and the whole. Then Barbara shares a channeled message…REPENT TRANSFORM AND ALIGN WITH GOD. Do not accept your present limits. The time for newness is now. Throughout the book Barbara follows this format offering original passages with timely introspective thoughts for these modern times.

Sheryl asks Barbara how the promise made by Jesus will be kept. Barbara writes, “I realized that the person who could indeed handle all our awesome powers for the good would be a “natural Christ:” one who embodied the qualities Jesus demonstrated so beautifully throughout His life…gratitude, humility, love of nature, man and god, equality for women and children, living simply and sharing all he had with others and radiating hope and healing wherever it was needed. Moving beyond Self to an awareness of the connectedness of all life moving past fear, greed and the negative emotions that cripple and damage a soul and limit our ability for manifesting a purposeful and happy life.” That is the Promise… That we are all the sons and daughters of the Divine and that we will all walk in the path of Righteousness and Love….”

Barbara calls Jesus “The greatest evolutionary who ever lived.” What was his message and hope for humanity going beyond the religious thoughts of his time? Sheryl says she believes he was a Spiritual Teacher, a Mystic and the Visionary who showed us our eternal nature and the way forward to an Afterlife or New Age reality bringing the truth by way of his own ascension and the Spirit that his followers say was freed after his death.… “Consciousness survives physical death.” We all have the ability to interact with those souls and loved ones in spirit. Also, if you live a good life honoring and loving yourself and others you are creating the life you will experienced beyond here.

Sheryl wonders how Barbara, being a Jewish agnostic world futurist became interested in Jesus and his progressive way of life. Sheryl tells Barbara, she is also Jewish from a very progressive and modern family and only truly honored the tradition of her background not so much the religious routines. Sheryl did however, as a child, always love God and the story of the ancient heroic leaders who helped their people survive and sensed that we were more than most people thought and being intuitive always used that inner sense of awareness. I just thought I was smart or lucky… but many years later when sick with the flu had what I thought was a dream..My grandfather was standing at my side and was telling me though I couldn’t hear it but simply knew he was saying that I had to write something for my father…The next day my Mom called and told me my Dad had passed….I wrote his eulogy not quite understanding what had happened. Through coincidences I was guided to study Reiki energy healing and aligned to Universal Energy messages from Spirit and a new awareness of life and the afterlife.”

When Sheryl was first delving into this mystery unfolding piece by piece before her eyes and in her heart, certain words kept coming into her thoughts, time and space, beloved, hope, faith and trust. It became clear to Sheryl that at the coming of the next stage of human evolution, we will acknowledge the potential lying dormant within ourselves….” Barbara channeled the following: “Forgive yourselves of all past error. Forgive the world of all mistakes. Focus your total attention on what you can become: natural Christs universal humans doing the work I did and even greater works than I. Then the heavens will be opened to you. The Spirit of God will descend on you as it descended on me And you will hear a voice from Heaven saying; You are my beloved in whom I am well pleased.”

Sheryl actually started to cry. Every time Sheryl hears that song by Jerry Vale, “And This Is My Beloved”, she feels so close to Above and the highest forms of all love that are so hard to realize in this time and place.

Barbara says, “Evolution constantly selects for characteristics that generate higher consciousness and greater freedom in all living beings; In us this process has become conscious of itself. Free will has been introduced. We possess the freedom to discover the patterns in the process and cooperate with them or not. If we pay attention and cooperate with the patterns we become conscious participants in creation ever evolving. If we refuse to notice the patterns and change, we shall cease evolving..stagnate and opportunities will evade us. The choice is ours. The truth is known and the truth shall set us free to evolve eternally.”

Sheryl says she just read an article in the Times Magazine , Wheaton College in Illinois is threatening to fire Larycia Hawkins a teacher for putting on Facebook “Christians and Muslims worship the same God…..” Well, Sheryl says, “you and I know there is only one God but Sharia Politics and Laws are nothing like the laws of any other known religion at this time on the planet though it echoes the unrefined religions of long ago before they evolved and saw a loving God Presence.. Sharia Law calls for the subjugation of women and children, physical abuse and mutilation, allowing young girls to marry….so Islam following such beliefs is nothing like Christianity now, and while we can’t judge them how can we allow this system to grow and spread and possibly affect the free world. Most religions have evolved past the primitive fear of God for a loving God But Fundamental sects of Islam seems not at that reality yet.” Barbara and Sheryl know that over time the Moderate factions of the Islamic religion will find the beauty of equality and love of all man woman and children and reach the real intentions of the text to live more gracefully according to the laws of man and God.

Barbara channeled the following message, “The floodgates of my mind opened. It appeared to me that the life of Jesus forecasted immense potential for the future human, by revealing a new humanity now struggling to be born. As I read various passages of scripture I simply asked: What does this mean for us now. I then allowed the inspired insights to guide my thoughts, while holding in my aware-ness, a dawning realization that the Bible is coded evolution, just coming true…The promise is being kept. Although I was Jewish, agnostic futurist, the experience gave me an insight that Jesus was the embodiment of our highest potential self…a future human…It revealed the long term goal of humanity to be the fullest actualization of ourselves as Universal Humans. In that we are co-creators with the divine…Natural Christs.”

Sheryl says, yes the promise is being kept. Now we must allow and help those who are natural Christ beings to succeed … In The Living Spirit, Sheryl tells a story of a young eight year old girl who came to her office who she called “the child of the future” and wrote…. “Have you ever known a child that seems wise beyond his or her years? Know things they couldn’t possibly know. We often call these children, “old souls” when the truth is, all children are aware of Spirit, much more so than adults….One day I met the child of the future.. When she smiled her clear bright eyes looked directly into mine. They reflected a calm maturity beyond her years. This child who stood before me represented an evolved sensitive and spiritually awakened soul…Sometimes I have dreams this young girl continued..and the things I dream happen. She was soft spoken and exuded an aura of grace beauty and power. I told her that most people are intuitive and one day she would help lots of people with her skills and gifts and do great things in the world…. So Barbara it is happening everywhere…”

Barbara says “We cannot enter the next stage of Evolution unless we are whole with all wounds healed…Forgive, forgive, forgive, every injury, back until the day when Cain slew Abel. Then forgive Cain: he knew not what he did. He was like a child hurt by his father unwittingly. We forgive all wrongs of the world as we forgive the acts of an unborn child. For we are, as yet, a young species. Homo sapiens represent the infant stage of Homo Universalis. Our present behavior will someday be unimaginable to the race of co-creative humans we are to become.”

The alternative is to become increasingly interdependent…the old childish ways of one group winning at the expense of another causes destruction to both. Everyone loses. Henceforth life will require synergy to work…Synergy joins together separate parts to form a whole greater than different from and unpredictable from the sum of the parts. Synergy aids us in overcoming our so-called enemies by including them. We move past competition. Synergy is pragmatic. Nature works through synergy.

Barbara wrote, “Our current environmental crisis represents the fulfillment of the scriptural time of sorrows and tribulations. It heralds the end of the world as we know it. During this crisis we will weed out the unworkable from the workable and prepare for a future equal to our full potential. The scattered spiritual pioneers of Earth must align and support each other’s planetary work at this critical time in history. We are everywhere: we cross all barriers of race class religion culture ideology color and age. All who choose of our own free will to demonstrate with our lives our desire to follow the Way—to be the way towards full humanity shall be transformed. If therefore your eye be clear your whole body shall be full of light.(Matthew 6:22 Luke 11;34) Let all whose gaze aligns with the intention of Creation act together for the sake of the world.”

Sheryl says… “There would be peace on Earth and Heaven on Earth as we would trust the most loving instincts of our soul based heart life and see the illusions of the mind or ego based life and would as you say and wrote….” Repent means to change our minds and be dissatisfied with our present incomplete condition, knowing that within us is a state of being greater than we have yet realized. We are the Kingdom of Heaven with our full potential realized.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard has shared the words of the past in the Gospels, The Acts of the Apostles, and the Epistles and her own eloquently written interpretation of such passages along with channeled messages from Spirit as a way to truly understand the evolutionary intention of Jesus and all in those times and NOW who see his message as the way to become the master of your Soul.

Barbara and Sheryl have shared their experiences as they were guided and taught from those above to open our hearts and minds to recognize the value of our physical life journey’s as a means to remember and delve into the mystery and wisdom of the ages and the stars to know that we are much more than we can know and must use our intuition and love for life to evolve into the best version of ourselves so we may honor the words and works of past soul messengers like Jesus who said “You will do the work that I do, and even greater work shall you do in the full-ness of time….” Jesus was calling out to us to live up to our true potential as human beings.

In Sheryl’s book, The Living Spirit, she mentions a story of her doing a reading for one of the members of her group. Sheryl suddenly sensed Jesus next to her right side. He was crying, and Sheryl found herself choking back tears as well… as she heard “I have cried for many ills done by unknowing souls, just as you and your group members also cry for the injustice and insensitivity of many…..” It was as if Jesus wanted them to know that he and other emissaries of the Unseen World work by our side for the advancement of humanity….To strive for personal excellence without hypocrisy in thought word and action was the message from Jesus two thousand years ago. As the world and its citizens continue to move forward many will finally hear and truly follow Jesus’ teaching to create a sense of peace and unity for all…following the values of our inner Divine nature and personal connection to Source, regardless of religious affiliation.

Barbara and Sheryl would have you become the living example of that inner unfolding of personal power, higher consciousness and awareness, to know that we are the willing co-creators with the divine: natural Christs or the embodiment of our highest potential self…a future human being. The future is here and when you claim your right to be that empowered version of a creative force for love…you the world and Universe will be as One.