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Doc Holliday

Rock Splitting Politics – Does Cruz + Fiorina = Indiana Victory?

Doc Holliday dives into the latest and the greatest splitting rocks of politics to explain what you need to know about what is going on right now in the fight for the Republican nomination. Indiana looms huge for what direction the nomination will take. Yes, Ted Cruz called it coalition building when he and Kasich played “let’s make a deal,” but Donald Trump called the deal something else.  And what about Cruz announcing Fiorina as his VP if he should win the nomination, bold or desperate?  Doc Holliday gives you the details and commentary that you will not hear anywhere else!  Doc also reminds everyone to get out and participate on the National Day of Prayer on May 5th and he has an exclusive interview at the end of the show with a holocaust survivor as we remember the Holocaust this week, too.  Click on now and don’t forget to like us on FaceBook.