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Lynn Torre, CFP

Mind-Money Connection – Finding Mindfulness in a Labyrinth

Quieting your mind and finding that place of inner peace is easier said than done.  Some reach it through the practice of meditation, some in a yoga pose and others taking a walk in nature.  But have you ever had the opportunity to walk a Labyrinth?

My guest, Debi Kermeen (, co-owner of Labyrinth in Stone, has not only walked many labyrinths but also designs and builds them with her husband Marty.  The labyrinth has not only changed her life but has become her full time work.

Debi has been practicing energy healing for over 15 years. She studies many kinds of body work including, shamanism, yoga, tai chi and belly dance.  Also an ordained minister, Debi hopes to lead a wedding ceremony on the labyrinth some day.  You can contact her at 630-816-9547 or

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