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Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – How To Overcome Your Fears About Finances And Divorce

Many experts will tell you that you need to approach your divorce as a business transaction. If you can do that then figuring out the impact divorce will have on your finances becomes a mathematical analysis, but it’s rarely that simple or easy to do.
There’s almost always less money after divorce and that creates many fears, such as not wanting to change your lifestyle, having to go back to work, or not being able to afford to stay in your current neighborhood. Sometimes those fears are enough to keep people in deeply troubled marriages.
Fears however, are False Evidence Appearing Real and often the way to combat them is to do more research and gather more information and that’s definitely the strategy when it comes to financial fears.
Joining Mandy for this conversation is Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Russ Luna from Luna Financial Advisors. Listen in to learn:
  • what is a lifestyle analysis
  • how to identify the financial obstacles to divorce
  • how professionals evaluate the self-employed
  • what is dissipation and how you can spot it
If fear of your financial future is keeping you in a troubled marriage, then you may find Mandy’s free audio program, 5 Ways to Know If Divorce Is Right For You helpful. If you’re interested in working with Mandy or finding out more about divorce coaching, contact her for a free 30-minute consult.