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Thriving Entrepreneur – How to be a Super-Achiever with Marnie Swedberg

Why are some people so successful life? What secrets do they have?
I know those are the typical questions you ask yourself whenever you see successful people being interviewed on TV or being featured in articles online. But the first thing that you need to understand is that those people are just normal people. They don’t have superpowers. They’re random people who embraced who they are, chased for their passion and chose to make a difference in this world.
Marnie shares her 5 Success Strategies that are guaranteed to make you a super-achiever.
  1. Assess: Asking yourself if what you’re going to do is necessary or not.
  2. Batch: Batching the things that you needed to do every day will not only help you have an organized schedule but will also let you maximize your time.|
  3. Calculate: Results ÷ Investment = Priority
  4. Do or Delegate: You have to learn and afford to delegate the things that other people can do for you.
  5. Evaluate: Take time to evaluate things. Success doesn’t happen overnight, just take the time to learn things.
Know what’s available that you can use to turn things around and make things work. Always tell yourself this, “There are all the resources I need to do everything I was created to do.” Join Steve on his interview with Marnie Swedberg on Thriving Entrepreneur and start your own journey to success!